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    Mar 5, 2016
    Empty promises and lies
    • Good health insurance
    • Quarterly bonuses
    • Maintained equipment
    • No forced dispatch
    • Run paper or elogs
    • Great pay
    • 3000 miles per week
    • Chose your lanes

    • You HAVE to pay $2,500 to work there as an independent contractor.
    • NO SCANNING or transflow. you have to snail mail trip packs in to get paid.
    • .33 cents per mile to start NO MATTER WHAT the recruiter tells you beforehand
    • Insurance is medical ONLY and $120 to $220 per week with $1,000 deductible
    • Bonuses are never paid and usually run almost a year behind so if you quit, NO BONUS.
    • the trucks are always pretty but APU's never work. And you'll sit 3 days on a breakdown.
    • No forced dispatch, but if you decline a load to the NE or CA because you're headed home for hometime, then you get a 1,500 to 2,000 mile week.
    • No retirement, No 401K, and No benefits.
    • Tax reports are sent out late, and you can argue but they'll tell you that there is no deadline for a K1 independent contractor report, which makes you file an extension. But we stick it out because we're usually owed 1,000 to 2,000 in bonuses that they are always behind on, so you never get the entire amount.
    • Sitting 16 to 18 hours to live load and detention pay is $30 TOTAL.
    Then you get EFS checks that bounce. And the owners daughter will cuss you out if you ask her for anything. And she's in charge of accounting and payroll.
    You never get your $2,500 back or your last paycheck because they keep it claiming damages on your truck.
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    Jun 8, 2017
    Sadly, it was brought to my attention that we had some negative posts on this website. We in recruiting especially take it very seriously, because since we bring drivers in, the blame for their unhappiness shifts to us. I promise, we do NOT lie to people and we try extremely hard to keep our drivers happy. This particular person came right before my time but we still have the same policies as before. Upon reading some of the things some unhappy drivers have written, I am extremely concerned that there has been a breakdown in communication somewhere and it MUST be repaired.

    I must rebuttal these false accusations of Wild West Express. I have worked here in recruiting for over a year and have NEVER experienced nor witnessed any of these issues. I will go in order.

    ---Drivers do NOT have to pay money to work here. You can come in as a company driver or take the LLC option which is a profit sharing option. If you take the LLC option you must put money in to pull your 25% out at the end of the year. You can put in as little as you want each paycheck but in order to receive a FULL 25% you must put in the full amount. If you put in $2500 you get it back in it's entirety!

    ---It's true we do not scan our trip packs in yet. We are currently working on finding a system that will make it quicker or easier for drivers.

    ---We do not start ANYONE out at .33cpm. Years ago, maybe.... if the driver had very little experience or very adverse marks like multiple tickets or accidents. We range between 35 and 40 as a base pay, not including any bonuses or incentives. Each driver has the potential to add 1-5CPM to their pay rate.

    ---Insurance is NEVER $120 for a driver. In fact, the company pays a huge portion of the driver's insurance leaving their portion between $55-$80, depending on which coverage and deductibles they choose. We certainly offer vision and dental for a combined amount, nearing $10. If a driver chooses to include his spouse or family, he is responsible for their portion of the premium. Again, we pay about half of the driver's portion.... but do not pay the family's insurance.

    ---Currently, 52% of our drivers receive a quarterly bonus every 3 months. Those who do not receive it, are not doing their job correctly... Either they refuse a whole lot of loads and do not meet a minimal of 2500 miles per week, they have late pickup or deliveries due to reasons that can not be our fault, or they get violations, tickets, or in accidents. The only other things I can think of would be, cargo loss or their incorrect use of the reefer equipment causing a load rejection.

    ---Every truck has a working APU. One out of 112 trucks does not have a working APU, and it sits in our yard for road tests. We need our drivers to be comfortable so they can do their job correctly!

    ---We do not run NW. We have a couple of routes for particular drivers that live that way. We do NOT have forced dispatch and we do our very best to get you miles. It's insinuated that we purposely punish our drivers, which is absurd because we need them to keep running just as much as THEY want to keep running. We have lots of driving to be done, and need them to do it!

    ---Currently we do not offer a 401 K. As I mentioned before, we do have a profit sharing option and offer excellent medical/vision/dental insurance. We have paid vacations good home-time and the best time off policy in the industry. Family is extremely important here and when you need to get home for an emergency, we get you there. If it's not an emergency and you want to be home for your anniversary, a going away party, a birthday, let us know 2 weeks in advance and it's always approved.

    ---Detention pay is always different and depends on which customer you are waiting at. I can not say it is not true that at some point a couple of years ago, someone got paid only $30 for 5 hours because it may have been a customer who doesn't paid for three hours, and only $10 an hour. This is not the norm however.

    ---The owner's daughter IS AN OWNER... and she certainly does NOT cuss people out. She is very well spoken and does not curse at all. She is a certified accountant and yes she is in charge of accounting but it is completely unheard of that a check bounces in ANY Department here. Clearly there was some misunderstanding that I personally can not speak to, as I do not know any story regarding ANY situation remotely like this.

    ---As I mentioned above, If you decline hiring on as a company driver and decide to join the company as an LLC partner rather than a company driver, you agree to put in up to $2500 dollars, in order to receive 25% of the profit at the end of the year when the books close. If you are fully vested and put in $2500 you WILL get it back. If you do not put in the $2500 you do not get back what you have put in, but you still get your portion of the profit sharing at the end of the year which varies depending on how much you invested. It is explained thoroughly multiple times throughout orientation so if a driver declines to be a company driver and chooses to be an LLC partner, we make sure the details are clear to the driver before they sign. If they say they understand and sign, we can't feel responsible for anything the driver didn't understand. It is VERY rare that a driver is unhappy with the LLC partnership. It is usually someone who bounces from company to company and does not stay long enough to be fully vested... or someone who has excessive complaints about multiple things and is looking for reasons to be upset.
    I assure you that we are a great company and MANY of our drivers have been here for MANY years, some decades. I hope that anyone reading any of the complaints takes into consideration that there are always mishaps anywhere, and there are always unhappy people or employees. This driver seems very upset and I'm extremely sorry that he/she feels this way. I wish there was some way to fix his experience or even his perception of his experience, but unfortunately I doubt he will give us another shot. Give us a call in recruiting, check us out on social media, come stop in, and get a feel for our company before you form an opinion based on a review by unhappy drivers. I promise you will see that we are a great place to work. I am happy to hear any response and I would love the opportunity to prove our credibility.
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    Aug 28, 2009
    Airlie Beach QLd
    What can i say but "High Ho silver"


    Dec 15, 2014
    Charlotte, NC
    Well this one has potential.
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    Jun 10, 2011
    The name should have gave it away! You can always tell when some cracker head trucker comes up with these company names. Saw one the other week called outlaw trucking. Now, how many dot cop get a woody when they see this cat?
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  7. TB John

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    Dec 28, 2008
    Let me see if I understand what you have just said. If I hire on and pony up $2500 I'll get my $2500 back plus 25% of the profits at the end of the year. The way you make sound the profits are split 4 ways and I, personally would be 1 of the fourths.

    Of all your employees 52% made bonus meaning 48% did not. That's nothing to brag about. Having APU's so the drivers can be comfortable and do their job correctly is admirable but not helping 48% of your employees.
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  8. Lonesome

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    Dec 15, 2007
    Northern Indiana
    TB, you're confusing me with facts!
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  9. TB John

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    Dec 28, 2008
    I figure if the company makes a million I'm due like 250 thousand.:headbang: Publishers Clearinghouse can bite it!!
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    Sep 6, 2017
    I am a current employee. Insurance is over 100 a week. Home time is non existent. Every time I go home it is a problem. I was out a month last time and got home for less than 48 hours. The time before that it took 3 weeks from when I requested time off to actually get off. There is no maintenance ob trucks, you drive until you break down. Dispatchers tell me to work off the clock then expect me to drive 11 hours on no sleep. Northwest runs are required. You are assigned loads without time to complete dispatch tells you to pick it up anyway. Then tell you you are getting fined if you don't make the delivery. I've been yelled at by a dispatcher that can barely speak english. You sit for days at Tyson with no pay. I'm quitting next month and I've talked to other drivers that are on their way out too. This list of lies from the recruiter on here confirms that I am making to correct decision.
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    Mar 9, 2015
    I am happy to hear any response and I would love the opportunity to prove our credibility.[/QUOTE]

    What credibility? Wild West Express has no credibility. You work for crooks who rob drivers, at least they robbed me.

    I don't envy you brother, or your job. Make sure you tell all three Crawford's that Mark Chase said they are lying crooks. And ask Danny Crawford if he promised me owed money upon my exit only to stop taking my calls like a little coward. The guys in the dispatch room know i called over and over with never a returned call after he made his promise. Look into Crawford's eyes when he lies to you about that one. You will know.

    I never did receive a penny of that promised money. He owed me for two consecutive quarterly bonuses, but said his dingbat sister in the office hadn't given him the numbers yet. Pathetic. And he owed me a lot more than just two bonuses. Guys like that are why drivers don't trust carriers.

    Got me a great carrier now and couldn't be happier. Making more money right now than i have in my entire life. And that includes the four companies in four different industries that i ran in the past.

    Drivers, steer clear of this fraudulent dumpster fire of a company. Good luck, M. Chase
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