Will This Hurt Tyson Foods Drivers

Discussion in 'Tyson' started by inandoutoftrouble, Aug 17, 2015.

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    Whew.. some of these places people talk takes me back. Who knows we might have passed one another loading out there.
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    That's true but I have been finding out its not legal to not pay detention, and they're supposed to pay hourly for all on duty work times, such as fueling, maintenance, pre trip etc. there's already 2 separate lawsuits that have been in the works for 8-9 years against 2 different mega carriers. One is pending final settlement in Spring 2017. Class action for this very thing, considered a violation of Labor Laws. The distribution will be considered back pay. It's the beginning of a domino effect against carriers that don't pay drivers for all the incidental work that goes along with the job besides mileage pay.
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