Woman hit by truck in aparrent sucide attempt

Discussion in 'Trucking Accidents' started by Rollover the Original, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Rollover the Original

    Rollover the Original Road Train Member

    Jul 1, 2009
    Ever wonder why a truck slows down or pulls over to pass a parked vehicle on the side opf the road. Maybe to keep this from happening!
    I've seen and heard of this many times in my years driving OTR and if I can't slide over due to traffic I WILL slow down just incase some idiot wants to use my grill as a tool to die on!

    I'm not going there! If I damage them but not kill them I'll be good but don't pull me into your sad life!

    The moral is no matter what slow down or pull over when approaching a vehicle especially if they just pulled over!

    It takes no time to throw open the door and dive out in the road or to even stand up out of the door! If you can't pull over how fast can you slow down? Remember any of that math of speed vs distance vs weight they taught you or you picked up along the way?

    One time up I-44 this female failed on the first attempt and it was all over the CB and she tried 2 more times and finally we were able to get Smokey on the CB and get her pulled over and taken away! Wewere blocking trafgfic and not letting anyone try to pass her and we were maybe doing 10 MPH! This was back in the mid 90's so no cell. But she tried several times and because the CB was always on in every truck we knew the hazard and got control of the situation!

    The last time I know of was up in PA on 78 just east of Allentown going down the steep hill when some loser jumped out in front of a Roadway driver and caused an 8 or 9 truck with a few cars thrown in and killed several people along with his worthless arse! late 90's on that one!

    Or the moron who was going to jump off the bridge at exit 6 in Gary,IN when they were rebuilding the bridge. I stopped and asked him what he was "looking for" as he was leaning over looking under the new bridge they were building and he just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. I pulled into the TA saw a cop and told him what I thought.

    I was right he was trying to see a truck so he could fall in front of it! Another loser! That's going to hurt like hello! Why do it with a truck! Go buy a gun! Just don't miss!

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  3. UTurn55

    UTurn55 Light Load Member

    Feb 24, 2011
    Southern CA
    Yes, this has happened to me and a couple other truckers sharing I-5 northbound late one night south of Portland. I was the first truck he jumped out in front of. There wasn't a 4-wheeler on the shoulder or any CB reports of someone walking on the shoulder to prepare me for that man that jumped out in front of me like a boogey man with his hands in the air yelling boo! I can honestly say Rollover that I hope you never experience the loss of a close friend or loved one that no one recognized needed help. These people are not loosers. Suicide attempts aren't even cries for help but instead result from a chemical imbalance in the brain NOT the result of drugs or poor life decisions necessarily, but sometimes just overwhelming stress or grief.
  4. Giggles the Original

    Giggles the Original Road Train Member

    we were headed west on I 40 in ok city one night...i was in the right lane, saw a 4 wheeler on the shoulder so I moved over to the middle lane...well as I got closer this WOMAN RUNS OUT IN FRONT OF ME IN THE MIDDLE LANE...well i started hitting my brakes at the same time checked my mirror to move left, 4 wheelers zipped out from behind me starting coming up next to me and around me...so I had no place to go..i got it slowed down as much as possible before I got to her...at the last minute she ran off the roadway, threw something in the backseat and got back in her car....have NO IDEA what it was, or why it was worth riskin her life..but it all happened so fast..I just knew I was gonna hit her...scared the hell outta me...then i was mad...lol but it all turned out ok thank goodness!!
  5. Mr Ed

    Mr Ed Road Train Member

    Apr 6, 2009
    Retired in Taunton Ma
    Someone jumped in front of a truck on Rt 24 in Brockton Ma.I later met a friend of the truck driver who said that the incident changed his friends life.He was never the same afterwards.
  6. ProPilot

    ProPilot Light Load Member

    Dec 26, 2008
    In my truck.....
    LIke I said in another thread, they always take two lives when they do this...
  7. larryaz

    larryaz Light Load Member

    Dec 3, 2006
    Jefferson, Texas
    Very sad, they have to drag other's into their world. Can't help but notice the comments. One fellow calls us POS's but prays and wants us to pray. Guess he doesn't know the meaning of a hypocrite.
  8. skibum_63

    skibum_63 Road Train Member

    Oct 12, 2007
    somewhere, USA
    drove by the site yesterday, saw the skid marks at where the diver got on the brakes, curving to the right intot the ditch,, got cold shivers, as i past the sight, knowing what had happened there a few days ago.
  9. bobobrazil

    bobobrazil Medium Load Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    In Front Of You
    Had a guy jump in front of me once in Toledo, Ohio. Just stood there like a wooden indian. I was able to stop within inches of hitting him. He didn't even flinch...had a blank stare on his face, then he walked around the truck and started looking for another opportunity. By this time everybody was pretty much stopped and several people had called the police. This guy didn't care if it was a truck or a car. I'm not so sure he wanted to kill himself...I think he thought he had some super powers or something because he had no fear at all. I had to stop at the next rest area and shake off the the whole episode.
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