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Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by CAJAMK51, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. CAJAMK51

    CAJAMK51 Bobtail Member

    Feb 3, 2007
    After numerous inquiries and reading a WHOLE LOT and talking to others I have decided to sign on with USF Glen Moore in the Atlantic Division going solo. I got my CDL A back in Aug 06 and took a refresher (free) at school for another 4 weeks in Feb 07. I will be reporting for orientation 3/19. I have a few questions. I have no problem with a male trainer (female here) , I always hold my head high in a truck stop (went out with hubby OTR numerous times over the years) I want to know about truck stop safety. Luckily I am a little over 50 and rather savvy about people following and plan to have pepper spray on me at all times as well as carry my license on me to show any cop I am not a lot lizard. I have read posts about parking in a well lit area before getting out, etc. I want to know is it too far to get a port-a-potty in my truck? Also, where to get one? And any other safety precautions? Another question. I want to take my wireless laptop with me for checking on directions and want to know about a good program to get for that. Also, do I really need to sign on with a provider like sprint or verizon to get online? I really enjoy being online at times during my off hours. Also, eating healthy on the road tips are welcomed.

    Also any input you may want to throw in is welcomed! I am going into this determined I am going to make it! thanks in advance for your input
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  3. Ducks

    Ducks "Token Four-Wheeler"

    Jan 1, 2007
    Southeastern Pennsylvania
    Welcome to the forum, CAJAMK... and thanks for posting an introduction. We're always glad to meet new folks.

    Feel free to ask questions -- someone, and oftentimes many, will answer. You'll get all sorts of good information and advice.

    Please browse through the various boards on the forum. We have tips on healthy living while driving... information on internet connectivity and the various providers... safety and security for drivers. These threads are found on the various boards, and are addressed frequently. I would suggest that you post your specific questions there -- they'll get a much better response than here on the welcome board.

    Thanks again for your introduction, and we look forward to seeing you on the boards!
  4. pro1driver

    pro1driver Heavy Load Member

    Mar 30, 2006
    North East, USA
    as far as the "porta-potty", look into some of the trucking magazines, although i have seen some in those mags, they look "flimsy" to say the least. i would try either a sporting goods store, or a camping specific store. however, your safety being considered and all, you still shouldn't shy away from using a truckstop restroom, or even a rest area that is well lit up.

    the truckstops these days have "healthy choices" on the menus, this i have seen as well. to eat right is one thing, to get some excersise is another. i don't (or should i say didn't) always park close to the building, as many times there just wouldn't be any spaces available. so, walking from the rig to the building provides a few minutes of "work-out" time, but its still not quite enough. when i would go to a customer, very often i would have to wait my turn to get to the dock, or wait my turn to be loaded. i used this time for a walk around the area.

    getting back to the "lot lizard" statement of yours. i really don't believe any cop or security guard will stop you from walking to and from the building. somehow, i think, they will "know" you are a truck driver.
  5. Cerberus101

    Cerberus101 Heavy Load Member

    Oct 25, 2006
    those porta pottys can be picked up in wally world back in the camping section. but i wouldn't suggest getting one. do you really want the hassle of clean up and not to mention the smell. ewwww.
    besides a little walk will do you good. if you spend to much time holed up in the truck you might start losing the sense of being something else than a driver. i know i did when i first started. good luck and welcome back to the road.
  6. luvmyhubby

    luvmyhubby Road Train Member

    Sep 12, 2005
    Sidney MI
    Welcome to the forum!......always nice to have another gal join us!
  7. Cybergal

    Cybergal Road Train Member

    Oct 20, 2008
  8. Aligator

    Aligator Light Load Member

    Jun 21, 2005
    Ain't no way I would want to be without my camping porta potti.
    Get one and store it under your bunk.....You'll use it some day and then you'll jes' grin an' grin an' grin....:biggrin_25523:


    .....ummmm....err....that is, you do weigh less than 275, right?:biggrin_2559:
  9. BigJim

    BigJim Bobtail Member

    Mar 4, 2007
    DeLorme sells a pretty good GPS sytems, with local maps for the whole US; runs nicely on your PC laptop. You can get the GPS receiver and Street Atlas program in a box from Best Buy, etc., for $99. Then, because you don't need to get a new receiver (smaller than a pack of cigarettes, sits on your dashboard), you need only to get the annual update to the Street Atlas software - around $40, with shipping, directly from the company: w-w-w. DeLorme .c-o-m

    This is one sweet program!:biggrin_25519:

    A word of caution, however: although you can specify that directions are to avoid county and secondary roads, the program is otherwise unsensitive to trucking limitations (restricted roads, weight, height) .. Rand McNally will point those out to you.

    If you need a more trucking-centric GPS program, w-w-w. axonsoftware .c-o-m will provide it with their PC Miler for Trucks program .. for $399. (These folks, a Canadian company, impose a $30 shipping fee.)
  10. Nuthinspecial

    Nuthinspecial Bobtail Member

    Nov 19, 2006
    Salem, Or
    Well, I know a port-a-potty sounds like a great idea and all.......what with the sloshing around under the bunk, that wonderful aroma seeping into the cab and all the quick easy places to dump, clean and refill the fresh water tank.

    Do yourself a favor and use truckstops/rest areas or shipper/receiver locations for your "big jobs" and find something whether it's a female urinal (check with medical supply stores) or a plastic coffee can (snap on lid is handy) or custom cut a milk jug, whatever....just get something you can "hit." Then just dump it out. I know, no-one wants to talk about this, but it is the hard reality of trucking.

    I use gatorade bottles and the like, and generally use plastic coffee cans for the girls when they come along...very handy in the middle of the night. The trick to doing this "right" is to discard the urine in the grass or someplace appropriate if you are going to reuse the container, otherwise throw it away after emptying it's contents. Just don't "leave" it somewhere other than a trash can. Personally I think it's gross to throw urine in the trash....I always dump it out and then throw away the container.

    A friend of mine (female driver) uses a "cut-to-fit" milk jug...why I don't know, seems like a lot of hassle to me. She only uses this for emergencies, otherwise she sqwats underneath her trailer. I told her how dangerous and foolish this is, but apprently this is what she did as a child trucking with her dad and she is stubborn. I pitty the fool that would try and mess with her anyway.

    Hope that helps the potty situation for you. By the way, the camping stores also sell a 5 gallon bucket with a toilet seat and disposable baggies if you need something like that. If I were a woman I think I would go this route, otherwise....judging by my current aiming skills (according to my wife who cleans the bathroom).....I would have to change clothes a lot.:biggrin_25520:
  11. Aligator

    Aligator Light Load Member

    Jun 21, 2005
    Heh, heh...they don't all slosh. Mine folds down to a cardboard box and the , uh,....stuff gets tossed later.
    In a year I've used in three times.
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