1. The PHD in truckin!

    The PHD in truckin! Bobtail Member

    Mar 5, 2018
    I've got a REAL power inverter/charger for sale. Xantrex MS 2000. Yes it works fine . Yall can Google it. This particular model is now discontinued but not because of malfeasance on behalf of its performance. I've got the book that goes with it for installation . Everything you want to know is on Google when you look it up. Trying to keep this short. It sold brand new for almost 1,500.00$ yeah I know huh. I'll take 300$ for it and (assuming we meet up on the road) I'll hang around until you install it or put power to it and are satisfied that I am honest. Hell I will install it in almost any truck for 100$ .professional installation . You'll need to bring some welding lead cable and some 12/2 romex along with a few receptacles an the plastic or steel housings they sit in. Thanks again cats .
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