Yes...CR England sucks!!!

Discussion in 'CR England' started by TRossi46, Jun 12, 2007.

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    Ok I will type slow for you. I Drove on Off duty Driving. I realized I had made a error. I called Logs, told them the mistake I had made. Was told "We can't see it till you approve them". I approved Called Back was told" Well we can't fix it since you Approved we meant till you changed status to On duty or whatever it is supposed to be" So BAM a Log Violation. Now who was at fault. Yes I made initial error but Logs told me to approve so they could help. I did I got hung.

    As far as CRE only letting the best be trainer. LOL!!!!!:biggrin_2559::biggrin_2559::biggrin_2559::biggrin_2556::biggrin_2556::biggrin_25522::biggrin_25522: wELL EXPLAIN THIS
    I swapped tralers with a Trainer truck in Idaho at the Loves exit 126 I think was number. Anyway it was a Trucksop you had to get off I 84 turn L/R depending on direction. Make a right to a small 2 lane road(tight) then Right into Parking lot.

    I swapped trailers headed back west. Next morning the Customer service rep Mike Called me pissed off. "Why the Hell did you roll that load"? I responded " "What Load"? The load to Texas I told you was a Hot Load" I said "Mike truck xxxx Swapped me I'm back in Oregon waiting to unload Monday at Walmart". He said " WHAT!!!?" I TOLD THOSE WEEKEND IDIOTS TO not swap this load" Had me Drop my trailer at Pilot and run tio Walmart grab empty reload in Wash and haul ##### to Meet another truck again in Idaho. Bring thier Walmart Load back with me Deliver Both Monday.

    And to top it off the idiot trainer had been driving less that 3 months in his own truck 5 months total. He went Left(Because his TOM TOM told him too) And tried to make a turn onto a alley to get to I 84 according to Tom Tom And dropped left side into ditch of trailer(Was trainer driving)
    Now this is where the story gets good. He then tries to unhook a loaded trailer and rehook from Highside. It rolled. I talked to a friend that had to do CRE as a last resort to get CDL get this the same guy is still training. My buddy told me his Trainer told him the story and he asked why he unhooked he answered"seemed like a good idea at the time. He got off truck and asked for a trainer with min 5 yr exp took him 3 weeks to get 1 after his training He was asked if he was interested in training in a month or so he laughed and said NO!
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    I can't explain that. but from what you described (5 months) it was a phase 2 trainer. I was talking about phase 1.

    what I can tell you is it seems you had an unfortunate mishap.
    you here all sorts of stories on here, I just read and most of the time you can clearly see the problem.
    when you posted earlier it wasn't clear what had happened, so it lead to interpretation.
    you didn't specify where you turned in the truck and if it was before your lease was up. so when you said England put a abandonment on your dac...that leads to assuming. if they put something on your dac that's false then you can sue them, why would they bother? but like I said human and computer error happen.
    you wrote your story and i might have read in to it wrong you seem to have a ligament gripe. but you did leave out key information.
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    you know izifaddag, as long as we have stooped to name calling... just reading your post you seem to be coming off as an over educated pampas ###. and after rereading them it was confirmed.

    this is a place to tell your story about your experiences you have had with a company. if the first thing you find yourself looking at is spelling? your missing the point completely.

    and btw I don't think you did read my posts because if you did you know I'm only talking about CR England not any other company.

    I do realize what other companies have to offer, and most will not train new drivers. that's fine I will be more than happy to do that.

    I did not say I advocate solo driving as the only way to truck.
    what I was trying to say is "at CR England" being a solo driver is something i do not teach.
    most of our customers want teams to haul their freight. so it's very difucault being a solo driver when our customers neede and wants are changeing.

    when I get on solo drivers I'm only talking about the ones at cre that want to wine about they didn't get miles, didn't make money, and wanted a brand new truck. now they turn it in go to another company and wander why they have stuff on their dac or they owe so much money.

    but you won't be able to see that because your over educated pampas ### can't get past spelling.

    now go drive your BMW and sip your Starbucks (don't forget to raise your pinkie way up) ya dam yuppie !!:biggrin_25523:
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    As I have stated in another post on this site, I would avoid going to CR England at all costs. They sound like a bunch of crooks! If you do decide to go with them, do not lease!!! As a lease operator, you, the driver, are responsible for the truck payments, insurance, fuel, maintenance, and all the other costs associated with leasing, not the company. And if you're truck doesn't move, you don't make a dime!
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    Why would turning in a truck qualify for a bad DAC? red flag, red flag...[​IMG]
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    driving a bmw and drinking starbucks is something you will never do working for a bottom feeder!!!
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    Geez, 'tis the winter of our discontent, eh?
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    it's very a lease operator if you don't complete your lease or don't turn it in properly then you are not fulfilling a contractual / financial obligation. and that can and will be put on your dac report as well as your credit report.

    if you don't pay your student loan then that's not fulfilling a financial obligation. and can be put on your dac as well.

    if you don't complete phase 2 training then you are not fulfilling a contractual obligation.

    basically the company can and will hold you accountable for what you sign. if you don't read or can't understand what your signing then don't sign until you do.
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    Dear Stupid,
    Hope you don't mind me using your given name. The "pampas" is an Argentinian plain used for cattle ranching. I think you mean pompous. Look it up.
    At least use the inbuilt spell checker.
    Never been to a Starbucks, drive a Mazda and not in the habit of pinkie raising. You have also misused the word "yuppie".
    I am just quite simply educated.
    Astonishing that because somebody can read and write clearly they are somehow 'less'. Actually I think the boot is on the other foot. That is if you can't read and write properly you are less.
    Now all those reading this ask yourself, would you sooner take advice from somebody who made CRE work for them i.e. me - OR from an illiterate oaf?
    How can anyone take this person seriously?:biggrin_255:

    Last count CRE lost in a Utah court that called shenanigans and are currently in court with OOIDA for leasing infractions.

    Enough people here on these various threads have called CRE out on their disgusting business practices and I have put my 2 cents in ad nauseum (for carrot top that is Latin for until I want to throw up).
    I am going to make sure I don't receive anymore daft emails from this forum regarding CRE.
    I have said my piece and if stubborn people who still think it is possible for base metals to be turned into gold (again carrot top that is a reference to the futile medieval practice of alchemy - look it up) wish to ignore mine and others warnings so be it - go for it - have at it and good luck.
    You'll need it!
    The Yuppie
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    I could see if a person had no other options to get some time in by going to this company. The lease deal on a used truck still blows my mind, let alone letting someone with hardly any experience to set them up to fail in a new truck.
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