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    May 15, 2009
    Hi am new here,but not to trucking,good site.Ive been driving over 10 years,I work for FedEx NLTL as an linehual driver for the past year here in SE PA,good job.Did some OTR,tank work,work for US foods,very hard job,but good paying .FedEx is but very,very hard on you HOS logs,dont mess up or your out the door!Was an teamster for 6 years with USfoods,wish FedEX was,will see what happens with this new check card law:biggrin_2553:

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    Hi, usedtire, Welcome to our Truckers Forum! We hope you enjoy your stay and please read our RULES. Please remember, you are NEVER allowed to post e-mails, ad links, trucking company links, personal site links, and such ANYWHERE in this forum. Thanks for understanding! We hope to help you and get to know you soon! Thanks, usedtire!

    usedtire, do you have a question about how to do something? Try our FAQ section or you can PM me or a Moderator (50 posts not required to PM a Mod) to ask a question! Also, you can read through our Truckers Forum Information Center!

    Also remember to get your 2009 Truckers Report Calendar AND show your love for truckers with your new Truckers Report Legal Stamps! This helps us to keep this place alive, thanks!
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    Apr 13, 2009
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    May 23, 2009
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    Hi usedtire:
    I am new here also and new to trucking got my CDL last week. My husband got his in Jan 09 we are both Teamsters. He is working since Jan and I will join him after my 28 days with a trianer, so much to do and learn am not sure what to first. lol well welcome and hope to here from you soon.
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