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Discussion in 'Trucking Industry Regulations' started by RDHISLE, Sep 13, 2011.


    RDHISLE Bobtail Member

    Sep 13, 2011
    I suffered a stroke last july and I have been unable to get a good answere as to what will be required before I am allowed to go back to work. Yes I realize the doc will first have to ok it. Currently on temp disability, but health insurance rep is starting to put the pressure on when will I be able to go back to work. He has extended disability twice now but acts like he is doing me a favor.
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  3. Gizmo_Man

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    Aug 15, 2011
    Hardly around
    The insurance company cannot force you to go back to work. If it were me, I'd milk it for as long as I can. Only your doctor knows for sure if you are better, so let him (or her) do the job of deciding that. Take no BULL-SHEET from the insurance companies. IN FACT tell your doctor you are being "PRESSURED" to go back to work, that in of itself IS upsetting you, making you more likely to have more problems. DO NOT fall victim to the stinking insurance companies, not now, not ever.
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  4. GasHauler

    GasHauler Master FMCSA Interpreter

    Oct 23, 2005
    As far as I know it's up to the Doc. He's the one that is going to do the medical exam and sign the forms. I'd tell the insurance company you be at work as soon as the doctor allows it. Then let the Doc know what they are doing.
  5. CondoCruiser

    CondoCruiser The Legend

    Apr 18, 2010
    Two people know the answer. The doctor and you. Until the doctor releases you, if he does, you tell the insurance people you are unable to work.

    You or your company paid for that policy. Now it's time for them to uphold their end. They approved you, they don't need to be harrassing you.

    I'm on long term disability now through Principle Insurance. I got to say out of my whole ordeal with my medical problems and dealing with everything else including the ripoff doctors and crooked BCBS health insurance, Principle Insurance has been on the up and up and very nice people to deal with. I highly recommend them to anyone.
  6. trucker_101

    trucker_101 Heavy Load Member

    Apr 23, 2010
    I am also off on disability. The rules might be different between th US & Canada? I've been off since February with a bum shoulder & now my insurance company is starting to pressure me a little, I had to have an interview with a guy that takes all your work history from when I left school to see "what else" I can or am able to do. They also sent a letter to my DR.asking him what I can do, He told them with a "attitude" to do a "function test" to see what I'm able to do. They haven't set this up yet,or even mentioned it to me yet.LOL. Plus I found out that there is a minimum pay rate that they can make me go to & if something I'm able to do doesn't meet that amount they can't make me do it, or if I'm not skilled in it.
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