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    Jan 27, 2013
    Phoenix, AZ
    2016 vs 2017
    Miles 53,849-52161
    Gross $ $168,823-$145,493
    Fuel used $16,240-17,885
    Trips to LA 56-56
    Vegas 1-0
    Flagstaff 2-1
    Tucson 2-4
    San Diego 1-2
    Plates & Ins. $9,000-$8,500
    Maint. $28,231-$16934
    Travel exp. $7,900-$5,440
    Net $107,452-$114,619
    Gross/mile $3.14-$2.79
    Net/mile $2.00-$2.20

    2016 was a really good year, except for maintenance, that killed us. This year summer & fall was pretty slow and didn't pick up until after Thanksgiving. Stayed strong up to Christmas.

    Tomorrow will be the first trip of '18, hoping it stays strong.
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    Jan 4, 2012
    Good job, you still got a great $/mi gig, beats most of us. And always better to keep paid-off equipment, irregardless of maintenance. My big regret. I switched to a '15 cascadia 3 yrs ago, payments are like $33k/yr basically, only 3 yrs to go!? but it does get better mpg than my other old trucks. Makes me sick thinking about the fixed cost, though rates are coming up last 3 months. Only started equipment upgrade crap yrs ago because of CA emissions, but since last yr '16 i don't go to CA, reefer engine is not CARB certified anymore, don't want to risk tickets. Still run long haul back to midwest and e. coast, then back to AZ, tired of it especially with the current weather.
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