Anyone go after surety bonds?

Discussion in 'Flatbed Trucking Forum' started by Charlie42, Nov 19, 2022.

  1. Axel Trucking

    Axel Trucking Bobtail Member

    Jan 6, 2023
    I use OTR Solutions, factoring. Free credit checks on brokers. If my Factoring won't buy there bills it's in my best interest. Just remember to do credit checks before you agree to work. I'm paying 3% of the load for recourse. So if a broker skips town I'm not on the hook. Non recourse I would suggest if your on a dedicated lane with trustworthy broker or direct shipper and wanna save some cash but want the quick pay as well you can find for as low as 1.5% of load.
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  3. RustyRod

    RustyRod Light Load Member

    Feb 14, 2021
    Why in the world would you deadhead that much? Are you coming down from Canada or something? I bîtch and complain if I have to deadhead more than 150 miles.
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  4. Charlie42

    Charlie42 Light Load Member

    Jul 1, 2021
    It was a partial. I’d dropped off 1/2 my trailer 35 miles prior and was filling it back up with that load.
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