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    I thought indentured servitude was illegal since colonial days but some trucking outfits seem to be depending on it these days. 8 Mo's in trucking goes by pretty fast and your next opportunity will only be a good one with a clean DAC and DMV print out.

    My company now requires us to keep a long form with us as of about Jan 2 and I also got notice from DMV that they want a copy also. I am told this is now nationwide requirement unless you drive 100% local. Then you can get a exemption.
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    Thanks Papa! This is the kind of info I need!:yes2557:
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    bring contract to a lawyer, A good one can get you out of it ,if you play your cards right
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    No they aren't. Employees work, they don't sit around waiting on empty promises. ANY lawyer would be able to "get you out" of this obligation. However, that won't stop these people from ruining your DAC record. And most of the people that get sucked into these situations don't have the cash to hire a lawyer. They set you up.
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    Regardless, he is still employed.
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    The contract is binding. If you try to sue over that contract, you'll get mauled by the CRST MACHINE.:biggrin_2559:
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    I'd forgotten your son had been involved with CRST. Did they collect the money they said he owed him after leaving their employ, yet? Did they prorate the amount to be paid considering he'd worked there for 6 months?

    JB Hunt was locked out of hiring CRST contractees by legal action because they were encouraging breaking the contract after 3 months experience, which was enough to get on with JB Hunt. I was told this by several drivers over the years since.

    There was a little more to that one as that company actively pursued trainees unhappy with CRST.

    I know they are on E-logs for close to a year now, too, and everything they do is better than anyone else's way of doing it, according to those who still believe them. I would add that there are things going on, in trying to adjust their business to being able to continue to 'prosper', by buying other operations, lately STI, and by adding expedited refrigerated to their truckload services.

    I see more and more tankers being pulled by CRST tractors, too, especially in Iowa and Illinois.

    They also broker freight, out of Cedar Rapids, at least. I got stuck pulling one of those. Let's just say that a driver will end up talking to lots of security guards finding the right place to load and unload because their information is incomplete, and they don't take lack of cell phone coverage into account, their 800 number is tied up making out calls, and they tell you to report in and then leave the office for the weekend and never bother extending the courtesy of a returned phone call.
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    Do you sign the crst contract at orientation or when you walked through the door before training?
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    Each of the Fleet Managers falls under an Operations Manager at CRST. Find out who your Operations Manager is and contact that person with your issues. Ther is also an Operations Manager for the training section that you cna talk to. Don't let the 24 yearo old FM ruin your shot at a good career. Also you can quit and buy your contract out at any time, it i just that it won't be cheap.
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    Your point?

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