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    Ambient heat coming off of the idling truck will make the sensor read a higher temp than actual. It would have to be about 10-12 degrees for the temp sensor to read 20 degrees.

    Same held true in summer. Couldn't idle below 70 but the sensor wouldn't drop below 70 degrees until around 60-62 degrees outside temp.
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    Jun 1, 2010
    That would imply that our engineers are both devious and competent.
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    Nov 24, 2011
    on my 30 min break
    made worse by downward exhaust getting caught under the kingpin plate. makes absolute sense to mount the sensor inside the frame rail near the near drive axle.
    Usual fuel stop. kwik stop? xt 28 I94 wilson, wi just outside of minneapolis. -5 degrees. truck wouldnt idle. uncouple, run the risk of losing the hood. 5th wheel grease gets REAL stiff overnight, VERY difficult to couple in the am. jaws wouldnt close.

    not sure what qualifications are needed to be an engineer for sni.
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