Don't Drive For SRT!!!

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    Yes that trucking is all that and worst. They will give you a bad reference even when you quit SRT is one of the bad companies to work for if you notice they keep all the doors locked to the DMs and main office also safety . They just plan suck outright. Especially the as that runs the term. In saftey with his little gay beard he thinks it makes him looks bad until you tell him what you will do to him. Everyone knows this jerk. If it wasn't for covenent they be out of business Do NOT GO TO THIS COMPANY YOU WILL REGRET IT.
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    I got a friend that works for them and he's very happy there.
    I believe it's people like this that should NEVER get into trucking, go back to flippin burgers and quit bashing a company because, you believe that it's the company that's bad... When reality is YOUR the problem.
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    Apr 13, 2014
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    They will give you a bad reference even when you quit SRT

    As I just quit a month ago and left with the understanding that nothing negative would be put in my file , and I was welcome to come back at any time , and had no trouble getting pre hired from more than one co. , and am now driving for one of those co.s , I'm going to have disagree whole-heartily with that statement .
    Unless of course they have a reason NOT to give someone a good reference ( late on loads / refuse loads / etc. ) and couldn't have cared less if that person quit , in which case I will stand corrected.
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    More Reply to OP -
    Srt's trucks are goverend at 63 , they tell you that on the phone , they tell you that in orientation.
    Rude dispatchers - I had 4 + the weekend / night crews , only wanted to shoot one.
    Greg - former driver , pushed hard but when Friday came was worth it .
    DonnaB - She's a bomb ! Had they left me on her board I'd probly still be there .
    Nitwit - Lock and Load best described that week.
    Brian - only had him for a couple of weeks , no issues per say .
    Night crew - always friendly , slow to respond at times but never got any grief .
    Weekends - Understaffed , short and to the point works best. If you have a problem solve it .
    Over weight - No , they are not all familiar with scaling ( or a lot of other things )so ... adjust it or take it back to be re-worked . Pretty simple solution .
    Territory - They run most everywhere , what a friggin surprise ! That too is pointed out in orientation.
    Quitting far from home / deductions - you must return the truck to the terminal , yes you buy your own ticket
    home , they will however buy it and deduct it from your last check . Yes you must return the items issued or be
    charged for them , how that can be seen as a problem is beyond me . And thee above is also pointed out in
    orientation , as well as in the handbook you were issued . I had ZERO deducted ( other than bus ticket )
    from my last check , but then again I gave them back THEIR seal protector , THEIR handbook , THEIR comcard
    Last check being mailed - that too is pointed out , and it does take up to 2 weeks to get , depending on what
    day you left on ( think payroll cutoff ).
    Lease - No one that signed had a gun held to their head , least that I know of.
    " Didn't expect " I don't even know where to start with that one .
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    All of the big 5 companies & the other major companies that follow are all the same story, they all combine the good & the bad in all aspects & differ in which aspects are good & bad, so its up to you to weed out each companies pros & cons then decide what your willing to deal with or not deal with & lease purchases do work as long as there is not a book value balloon payment at the end, the best are $0-$1 Balloon payments And how you make it work is by saving up the last 3-6 months of payments to the side & when your company cuts your miles towards the end of the lease as they pretty much all do don't show them its bothering you, dont give them a reason to fire you, do as your told & make your payments & have the last laugh as you beat them at there game!
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    May 7, 2014
    As far as some 1 stealing your stuff, yes the company should have taken it a little more serious being that the who they hire defines them as a business & Your never hear about a hundred good employees in a company but 1 bad employee reflects the whole company in most eyes, but my question is why did you not inform hotel management to change rooms & get there view of the situation as well as get a police report? You let it go and then inform the company, the company cant possibly help you beyond saying sorry for your loss because it becomes your word against his word in a situation that boils down to there are 3 sides to every story & as a company they do have to protect them self from lawsuits and by you not doing anything to help yourself by call hotel management and filing a report and getting a police report you kept hands tied as for helping you and as for quitting a job with out even giving the job a chance over this & threatening to risk everything by beating the guy and going to jail in which would make it almost impossible if not impossible to get a job driving again is a stupid way of thinking and childish of you.
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    No. Most cases I would agree with you but in this case you're wrong. SRT is a company that takes advantage of drivers. I know this because they've done it to me since day 1. The recruiter fed me a bunch of BS followed by a three-day orientation where I was promised to pay rate of 30 cents per mile which is $0.08 lower than I was told I will be making. Then they put me in a truck that's broke down 22 times last month. Follow that with the fact that their payroll likes to deduct things from your paycheck that you shouldn't be responsible for. I had a $545 deduction for a lumper fee that wasn't mine. I'm meeting with the VP of operations tomorrow to try to sort this out. Either they're going to pay me and treat me like I should, or I'm fully prepared to walk away from SRT and CTG as a whole. It's a #### shame they do things this way.
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    $545 for lumpers???????? Wht does that have to do with the driver
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    @Bootheel Runner I too am interested to know those details. They deducted me for a lumper but also returned it to me as well. Who was that high ### lumper? And a truck broken down 22 times in a month? Where does that happen at? My truck was inspected at the Chattanooga yard and given the green light this month while under a load. Also how long you been driving? SRT pays by experience but takes some of it for 90 days. What all did you sign up for? Not saying it didn't happen. Just want to understand it.
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