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    This Lenexa, KS based company has a polished website, and the manner of the brokers is cordial, but the service can't be recommended because it's incompetent and unreasonable in the resolution of broker errors that cost the carrier money.

    This company posted a load on, a load board. When I called to learn about the load there was a machine that wanted me to enter the BOL number. I tried several times, but the machine didn't recognize the number. Then, I was put on hold for what seemed like hours, until I got an operator. The operator turns out to be a computer technician of sorts and has me go through the motions of accepting a load on their website before I can even determine the details of the load. He doesn't know the details he says, the price is "as high as we can go". I told him, I'll go through these motions but I may have to turn down the load if I don't like the details. He says don't worry.

    Via e-mail attachment I get issued a dummy confirmation that shows the load price and cities of p/u and del, but the addresses are phony--ABC corp at 1 Main street. The p/u is on a Wed, and del on the following Tues for a load that takes less than 2 days to drive. I called the guy back and told him the del date wasn't acceptable, and that I needed a two day schedule. He says don't worry, and transfers me to compliance dept to do a background check. This process took at least an hour. Meanwhile my phone is ringing off the hook for my services. Once approved, another clerk calls me to send me the "updated" confirmation to the del times I wanted. We double check all details of p/u and del.

    I drive to p/u from Cincinnati to Columbus, for this load that goes to Laredo, TX. The building has a "for lease" sign outside and no other markings, so I had to call and confirm the correct shipper address. Turns out this was correct place, but when the shipper looks at my reefer van, he says did you remember to bring straps. Straps weren't indicated on the confirmation nor do reefer van's have places to hook straps. So, I have an unused trailer situation. I call the broker, and in short he offers me a paltry $175 unused truck fee and recommends I go back to the Freightview load board and look for another load. He sends me another "updated" confirmation contract.

    I tell him I can't use this broker company's services because they have proven not only to be paltry in resolution of this unused truck problem, but incompetent in brokering loads and not trustworthy for issuing a good contract.
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