How to call the DOT on a tanker driver that smokes marijuana

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    Truckers smokin reefer? Must be old school, you can get busted for that and get your CDL taken from you, didnt you all know that. This is the 21st century, no truckers smoke pot anymore. K2 and k3 is what everybody is smokin nowadays. Synthetic THC or synthetic pot its same thing as pot but synthetically manufactured, and for now somewhat legal. Best thing about it is that it wont fail you on a drug test as of yet. This is an old outdated artical, K3 is now whats in (same basic stuff)

    ~TOP STORY~ The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration . . .
    . . . DEA Moves to Emergency Control Synthetic Marijuana Agency Will Study Whether To Permanently Control Five Substances Read More >>
    [​IMG] • K2 is labeled as an herbal blend, marketed for home incense, but it is being used for much different purposes and could have potentially dangerous effects. • Although K2 is sometimes marketed as synthetic marijuana, the effects can be 10 times more intense than those from marijuana. The dried herbs come in 3-gram packages of various flavors, including "Blonde," "Pink," "Citron" and "Summit."
    • K2 samples test positive for synthetic cannabinoids JWH-018 and JWH-073, developed in the mid-1990s by Clemson University researchers conducting lab experiments on mice to test the compounds' effects on the brain. • Authorities are very concerned . . . Some European and Asian countries, including France, Austria and Germany, have outlawed some products which contained the compounds JWH-018 and JWH-073.
    • States and municipalities have started banning these substances. Click here to see a map of which states have banned K2.
    • Teenagers have been hospitalized, suffered severe hallucinations, increased heart rate, seizures, and even death. • The military has banned possession and use of K2.
    • The federal Drug Enforcement Administration has classified it a "drug or chemical of concern."

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    1. He has to start his truck up in the morning to go to work...I doubt he is going out there and starting it up just to annoy you. Most diesel trucks are going to make some noise when they are running....

    If he is complying with all ordinances on parking his truck and noise ordinance, you do not have any legal recourse.

    2. He is subject to random testing as a truck driver. If he was ever stoned and it got reported to his company, he would be pulled from the road and tested and not allowed to drive again until his test results were in. I highly doubt he is driving stoned, as he would get caught and lose his job. If you see him driving impaired, you should call 911 and report him, as anyone would do if they saw an impaired driver. I doubt you will do this, as I doubt you have seen him driving impaired.

    3. What did the police say about the situation???
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    Is this the voice of experience? :biggrin_25523:
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    WOW! Destroying a man's driving career and taking away his ability to provide all because he is a bad neighbor??? It's ppl like you that really rub me the wrong way! Be a man, OR, have a man take care of the issue right there in the back yard! Don't be a cry baby rat!!!!!! People can say what they want about the comment I'm about to make, but...whatever... If it were me that you did that to, smoker or not, I'd COMPLETELY LOSE IT!!! Chicken bones would become the least of your problems! If someone were to knowingly destroy all chances of me being able to do what I love for a living...on a freaking hunch...that person would have absolute HELL to pay! Nevermind the cops, nevermind the reprecusions for my own actions, I would make certain that the RAT felt my pain...10 fold! My apologies for the rant, but hey, you better think long an hard about what you are doing. You may very well be messing with the wrong person. Remember, if you take everything from a man...then he has nothing to lose, and a desparate man is often a very dangerous one!
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    Are you guys not classified under Federal random drug testing guidelines?

    In my case, my employee can pull me off the road, right off the bus in service if suspected, but can also send me upon report, during meal or after clear time under random regulations.

    I would have thought (assumed) HazMats would be classified as such. Not the case?
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    Yet you didn't see him smoking. I wanted a number I could call when a motorist blew ashes off a doobie, in my face, the other day. I'd never seen someone so blatant about it. I also watched a guy drinking during rush hour in Atlanta.

    Hey! I'm putting all the states DPS numbers on my speed dial. The next time a guy drives and I see him smoking pot, or drinking, I'll call in the plate! After that, it's the guy who tosses bones from a barbecue. What a concept! I can call the law on all the people who piss me off! They haven't barbequed and tossed bones in my yard, but one of 'em might be a truck driver.

    Isn't bone-tossing a DOT offense? Even if the guy wasn't in his truck?

    How about littering?
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    DPS at the very least. I'm getting tired of the azzhats.
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    My husband has been rescheduled for a pick up because we had 45 minutes to get him to a random test. We were on our way to location and had to divert.

    But that's the real world.

    By the time everything was said and done, we made it 200 miles with an over size load. Between the shipper and drug test dicking him around, we lost 400 miles and most of the day. That's a days pay for a short load - roughly 1000 dollars.
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    If he token it up then he will get busted for sure. I just hope its before he runs someone down. Im not a whistle blower over much of anything, but when he's stoned and near me or my loved ones that would make it a matter of concern. However I would only ever speak up when I was 100% sure it was what I thought it was , and not just bent out of shape over something.
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    This is so not true, a complaint in and of it self is reason to test him. reasonable suspicion can be so minor.

    This is your best bet. Call the company this way if he does test he doesn't get a record and if they give him the change to quit then they can't talk about it with any other company.
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