I drive a car. What can I do, and avoid doing, to better share the road with trucks.

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    Jul 17, 2018
    Think of it this way. An ER doctor is trying to save lives of people with heart problems and other life threatening diseases. We are trying to save people from injury and death from their own stupidity. No wonder we have stories to tell :biggrin_25526:
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    Jul 28, 2019
    Ain't that the TRUTH!!!
    Sometimes ya can't fix stupid
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    Feb 10, 2020
    Well, the good news is that in the state of Illinois they are going to start teaching the zipper method in drivers ed and asking it on the test.
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    Feb 10, 2020
    Thank you to everyone to took the time to reply to this thread.

    I'm glad I asked the question. Some things like not using phones and giving adequate breaking distance to trucks is obvious. Not driving next to a truck on an off-ramp should be obvious, but I'll bet its a common offence.

    I did not know that driving alongside a truck created an issue for the driver. I'll certainly keep that in mind when driving in the future (and make sure my wife knows as well.) I'll be sure to pass with conviction and let you keep on rolling.

    Thank you again.
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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    I once had a problem in Akron Oh on one of the interstates eastbound downtown. The road was with 8 foot walls exactly as wide as both lanes of travel.

    I come around a curve and was presented with a stalled GMC Jimmy in my lane. We all were doing 70 even. 4 cars next to me. Lawman behind me with even more cars. I had seen the three kids with noses on the glass and there was no question that even with absolute best braking I could put onto the pavement being fully loaded minus some fuel burn I will kill the entire family in that vehice in about 8 seconds.

    Getting the rig from 70 to 30ish in max braking on the floor #### the tires etc. took 6 of those 8 to move the 4 cars next to me AWAY.

    I horsed her over out of the blue smoke on all my wheels except steer axle which does not receive full power braking for obvious reasons. I missed that GMC by nothing at all. Lawman behind me stood on his front bumper in max stop trying to stop faster than I did. (If I stop CAN YOU!?) and when he got a eyeful of what was the problem he had a big problem.

    My next problem being above the 25 mph limit on evasive maneuvering with a 18 wheeler was the trailer was somewhat not in control. It whipped and wagged me against the left wall a little bit. I did not give a ####. I missed that one vehicle with the three children and their parents. That is what mattered most.

    Waiting on the 4 cars to get away from my side on their left lane during the stop was presenting me with a horrible choice. Take the family out? Take the 4 cars out? (Them being adults and having lived their lives?) Or try to fold the rig into the right wall? (No time for that one.)

    I was leaning towards taking the 4 cars out when they finally squirted out from next to me. I was going to be getting left lane either way and was committed to that already in the last 3 seconds or so.

    This could have ended a thousand ways when physics go wild and you are out of space and time to solve a problem. Thats when death is a very real possibility in that short time.

    I have not been through that part of Akron since that day back in late 1994. Im just happy that it worked out.

    If that does not scare you into staying away from big rigs then I don't know what will.
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    Jul 28, 2019
    That should be Common Sense, but we already discussed the fact that common sense is not so common, so I guess that the State has to teach it.
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    Apr 26, 2013
    Choose to walk instead of drive , make our jobs alot better if we had less of yall to deal with :D
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    Dec 11, 2017
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    Another one (may have been mentioned) if you cant see the driver in the mirror you dont exist, reference back to the NO ZONE.
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    God you are so full of ####. Would you stop with the freaking lies already. A cop behind you, in Ohio. When the speed limit was 55 and Ohio had a reputation for giving trucks tickets for going 56 mph.
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    Nov 20, 2017
    So you was going 15 over the speed limit and couldn't get stopped..Talkin about will I kill these people or those people..Sometimes I wonder if you ever drove a truck or did you retire from being a waiter at the Petro Liars Counter ???
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