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    I run for JB for a month after 9-11 as a experiment to stay closer to home with that yard in Prothro Juction AR.

    My problem was that I was issued a cabover prior to orientation when they had 50 plus conventional tractors parked in the far corner of the property unused. I do not do cabovers due to a specific vision issue not covered in the vision requirements for CDL etc. I destroy cars with cabovers. In a conventional that is not a problem.

    Sure enough 3 weeks in I took a vehicle out just like I warned them will happen with a cabover. I quit the following week when I learned of certain medical problems that requires a doctors care.

    JB is or was a good outfit to me. They paid instantly by direct deposit with cash option the moment that 5th wheel got onto the load over the qualcomm. The dispatcher I had was one of the best ever in my life time, partly because he listens to everything I choose to say to him which became quite a bit when there was trust. One of about 3 people I would do this with ever. Everyone else got yelled at. Or yelled.

    Regarding the reputation, it's not a good one. Tractor did not have a jake brake so no mountain work. And I am one of those who crave mountain work. The speeds are not that exciting and is a problem on certain highways. The constant hamster wheel training room for drivers by computer when off duty between loads is BS. The time clock scenario for example is unbelievably complicated needlessly. I am usually sleeping or at the house between loads and was marked down as non compliant when it came to the encouraged training. (It's all computer based.... it's not for me and does not provide any advancement. You are just a drivah...)

    I am sorry for the mixed review. On one hand it was good. However they failed me on some other specific problems and thus failed themselves.

    To their credit they continued to call me at the house for almost 4 years after I left wanting me to come back. I told them that I was disabled at that time and trucking is no longer medically a option.
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    LMFAO at some of these comments. Out of the handful of OTR companies I drove for, JB Hunt is the only one still in business. I spent less than two months with them and they were a complete hoot. Was required to ride with a trainer as I had little OTR experience at the time. He was new at training, had about the same experience overall time wise that I had. He spent more time at adult book stores and was always interested in whether I enjoyed masturbating myself.

    Once he realized I didn't care for his behavior he dumped me off at the Atlanta terminal telling the DM he was 'done with me'. Was immediately assigned to another trainer who turned me loose after one trip, saying 'I would be fine'. Spent the remaining few weeks 'running and parking' - it was clear Hunt wanted me gone. Went back home, took another local job, did reasonably well and turned right around and stuck my finger right back into the light socket a couple of years later - finally learned my lesson about OTR trucking.
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