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    Plus when a driver craps himself, easier clean up.
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    Jul 19, 2014
    You understand what an average is right? There are alot of drivers out here who say they "average" 3000 miles a wk and alot of them are full of it. As an OTR driver the only way you are averaging 3000miles a week on elogs is if you stay out 4,5,6+ weeks and when you go home you only take 2 or 3 days off. 156000miles in a year equals 3000 miles a week. Now yes there are regional guys who run 3000 every week and do a reset over the weekend and do it again. But as an OTR guy I like being home. So I run 2 full weeks and then go home in the middle of the 3rd week for 5-6 days. I usually get 3600ish 1st week then about 3300ish the 2nd week, but that week I go home on Weds or Thurs its impossible to get miles and still get home on the day you want. So that week I may get 1700 and home Wednesday. So 3600+3300+1700=8600 divide that by 3 and thats an AVERAGE of 2860 miles a week. If I average that over the full yr I'll bring home over $65,000 and still be seeing my kids every month. Hell a new guy at Millis fresh out of school that averages 2800 a week is grossing $62000+......but you'r right we need the amenities.....
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    ya know in my 24+ years out here I had never heard that before thankfully you were here to break that down..

    Those numbers are weak I’d get bored running like that fall asleep and probably have a wreck..
    Keep your amenities I’d rather be running and making money.

    BTW we don’t run elogs here..
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    My company truck has EpicVue satellite tv with DVR. APU & inverter also.
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