Looking To Run Western States Majority Of Runs

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  1. Bullwinkle

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    Jun 11, 2006
    Start looking for some produce hauling companies if this is what you want to do.

    Benny Whitehead might hire in your area, not for sure. They run to the west coast, and haul produce back to the southeast. I don't know anything else about this company, but there are quite a few small outfits doing the west coast and back deal.

    It is good running, except in the winter time, when all these companies start fighting for freight coming out of los angeles area (vernon), and out of arizona. December can be very unstable, but if the company is worth a ####, they will find some freight, even if it is cheap freight, to get you back as quickly as possible.

    I think produce is where you need to look though, and stay away from the large companies. Given where you live, in order to run to the west coast, you are going to have to be OTR if you drive for a large company, and no matter what they say, they are going to send you wherever their freight is. You have to find a company that is in an niche, and most likely, produce is where it's at.
  2. ziggystyles

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    I agree that it is too each their own for scenery and where they want to drive. I myself am from northern MN and I lived in Minneapolis for a year and a half and hated it. Too expensive and was just rediculous.....everybody eveywhere. give me a lake home up in northern MN and Ill be a happy man.

    Out here in WY, there are plenty of trucks and cars and such. Also...lots of open road and less traffic congestion...meaning more driving time. I actually hate the scenery out here as its just lots of desert and rocks and hills and such (Im a tree kinda guy, lol). BUT, its better than looking at a concrete jungle and I like being ontop of a high up hill and seeing for miles and miles and miles of open land.
  3. TruckerTwotimes

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    Jul 21, 2007
    Pennington Gap VA
    I live over by Bristol VA/TN and would prefer to do majority of my running in the western 11 states, I'm a good canidate for a recruiter with something to offer, may have to do some homework though, not as popular finding this kind of request I'm sure

    my wife is an LPN Nurse and I have two kids one of them is dead set against moving, I can't hardly in one way see needing to move since I am willing to stay out for 3 and a half weeks at a time, I'm sure there is a Company somewhere that could work this out for a 25 year safe driver (dependable) too

    Thanks to all of yuns for your help. Jeff
  4. TruckerTwotimes

    TruckerTwotimes Bobtail Member

    Jul 21, 2007
    Pennington Gap VA
    Produce is what I prefer, at MDS where I work now, (been here a little over two years) we did some produce hauls out of CA back over to Publix in GA I enjoyed that but it was a too far and inbetween other runs, now we got this boat haul that started out doing good (MT WA) running which I love and dropped off to mostly eastern stuff

    I live over by Bristol VA/TN area and appreciate any info or leads you all have here on The Truckers Report. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Powell-Peralta

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    Jul 17, 2007
    With produce, is this mostly solo or team?

    After getting empty in Ca., will we have to make multiple pickups?
  6. javelinjeff

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    Aug 30, 2007
    to POWELL-PERALTA,i am contracted to the sister company of Dirkson,which is Gardner Trucking.the main offices are in Chino CA and Manteca CA.the conventionals they have are internationals,yes the COE's are Pete's.although i'm not sure of the Dirkson rate,i would assume it's the same as the linehaul rate @ Gardner for company drivers.they'll start you out at "level 3",tell them "level 4" or no deal.there is no level 1 or 2.this is percentage pay based on "zones",sometimes you'll drive an additional 50 miles for 5 bucks.you'll be pulling alot of 57' trailers with extremely light loads,thats why the COE's are used.if you talk to Bob Mendoza,don't believe EVERYTHING he tells you,remember you are speaking to a recruiter when you are in his office!
  7. WJB

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    Aug 28, 2007
    Keystone Heights, Florida
    If you are running fresh produce, and you empty out in that other country over there on the "left-coast" then you have about a 75-85% channce of multiple pick-ups. the good thing is that they do go fairly quickly...unless your picking up lettuce in Yuma.....But as far as garbage haul'n is concerned, I prefer and have enjoyed running for JCT as I said earlier. If you are a hard runner (but legal!) and have a great attitude towards the "fun" of produce truck'n you will NEVER want for miles and GOOD loads. And you are known by NAME wrather than truck number. and I have never had any problems with my pay eccept where to spend it and time to do so. WARNING, they don't tolorate "whiners". thats the quickest way to get the yuckie loads whith lots of P/U's and drops.
  8. TruckerTwotimes

    TruckerTwotimes Bobtail Member

    Jul 21, 2007
    Pennington Gap VA
    Produce I believe is Solo Driver oriented and leans toward an Owner Operator, are you a lease driver for JCT, I talked to one in RiverSide one day, said he had already got his third truck (traded) with JCT and was making good money, (hard worker) I'd love to do those kinda of runs, I just live in the wrong area...
  9. Mr_Dude

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    Aug 18, 2007
    Lowell, Arkansas
    Well, the only way i'd guarantee you'd get western states runs is if you were domiciled in the western states. No offense or anything, but it's a bit hard to guarantee home time when it'd take you 2 days to get out there and back as a solo.
  10. markthetrucker

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    Sep 12, 2007
    Cheyenne, WY
    I have been considering a change too. I think the Flat-bedding is starting to hurt this old body of mine, but I am a Westerner and most of out loads are East. I have considered Western Express.??? anybody have any suggestions?
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