Looks like I’m gonna be a trainer.

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    Dec 27, 2012
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    I agree. In the military you cant train until you prove you can train the trainer. I think that any truck driver wanting to train should have to take out a trainer and show off their teaching skills and be signed off on by a experienced trainer. What happens when you get someone who doesn't listen or react well to your style of teaching? You just going to give up? Kick them out of truck? My father tried to teach me years ago and we argued more than trained lol.
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    Sep 17, 2012
    People don't take trucking as real job it seems or trucking is so easy to get started. People are like let try being a truck driver and f they don't like it just quit and try something else.

    The trucking companies make it their business model on only hiring new drivers and running them thru the trucking school and paying them beginning wages. You get a whole fleet running on new drivers pay you can afford to pay for accidents and keep on trucking making money.

    The company I worked for said it's ONLY cost them $0.03 per mile to pay for the accidents and rollovers. So I'm guessing with only experience driver they would have to pay more money per mile. Something like $0.10 more per mile for experienced drivers. They make more money with a new driver vs experienced driver even after paying for the accidents and rollovers.
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