Overweight, loaded with an extra 8000lbs, what would you do?

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by Charlie42, Jan 28, 2023.

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    Durango is this -


    Can anyone put a flatbed on this??

    To the OP, there were a few cases where the carrier offloaded part of the load, the other party got into an accident and all had been held liable for the accident. There was one in Ohio about 15 or so years ago where pretty much the same thing happened, and the the responsibility for the load rested with the initial carrier as decided by the jury. the Shipper claimed that they insisted that the load was properly loaded and was under the weight limit but the driver scaled the load and it was 6500lbs over the max of the truck/trailer combo. The transfer was made and the partial load went down the road without proper securement, the first driver knew it and said he knew it was dangerous but it wasn't his problem.

    Now with your 22 years of experience, you know as much as I know that the Shipper doesn't in any way shape or form tell you as a driver what you can and can not do when it comes down to the safety of the load, the liability sits with the driver, there is no signing off this responsibly. If the load is overweight, and you have to remove some of the product, your responsible to the ensure there is safe transport of the load, it isn't to say 'not my problem'. This was determined by the courts and opened the door for ambulance chasing pos lawyers to make it an industry in order to cash in.
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    first. Yes. Have you ever been to Mexico or LA? Flatbeds on everything chopped up. Second, does it ever occur to you guys that I don’t need to be giving specific details to you guys in the peanut gallery who also seem to like to play lawyer. A guy got into an accident that I, and the broker said would happen if the shipper used his towing company to load them instead of someone more capable. But I don’t need to be putting up pics or describing the guys vehicle for the armchair quarterbacks. He got into an accident, that sucks. His vehicle doesn’t need to be blasted here for you guys to critique. All was done correct and my load is dropped off. Yes, on a Sunday. I turned the load over to a towing company with shipper assigning them to the small amount of transfer freight. I don’t agree with the shipper having them load it onto the trailer that they did, but it sounds like I was wrong from the comments and the trailer was perfectly fine. Sometimes just an accident I guess.
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    While this is something to be convened about, if you’re a small operation it’s usually not as bad as what you hear about. These billboard lawyers only want the big guys, and if you’re a one or two truck show most of the time they won’t even take the case. Most of the time the plaintiff in these cases don’t have two nickels to rub together, and the lawyers are counting on a big win for them to get paid. If you don’t have enough assets for the lawyers to get a big payday for themselves, they won’t even take the case.
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