Random Truck Search?

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    Jan 13, 2013
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    Even without your consent, a DOT inspector CAN access your sleeper to determine that you have a legal mattress, adequate bedding and also that you have the restraint system for the bunk.
    FMCSA § 393.76
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    Feb 26, 2015
    I was pulled over twice in Missouri and asked if they could search. First time I said I don’t consent to searches and they were pissed but let me go. Second time was about a year later I said I don’t consent to a search and they called a drug dog. Dog walked around the truck and on the 3rd time around I saw the officer pull back on the leash real hard and the dog jumped on the truck then sat down. They informed me the dog alerted and put me in the police car while they went through the entire truck.
  3. Tb0n3

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    Oct 5, 2012
    Unless they have reasonable suspicion they cannot keep you there too long just to wait for the dog. I think it was 15 minutes was the reasonable stop length before they have to let you go. How long did you wait for the dog?
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    A couple of summers ago they were chasing trucks down and doing roadside inspections all day long along Rte17 in NY . They arrested a driver who had a loaded hand gun and a controlled substance in his sleeper. After that they were really on the hunt that day. Later that day a DOT van pulled me over and did a walk around and opened my passenger door and asked what I had in the sleeper . I told him what I usually have in my sleeper “ two fat girls tied up back there!” He stepped in and opened the curtain and looked around . I smiled and laughed and he cracked a smile and let me on my way. I knew him , he inspected me before and was thorough, but decent. He said since I said that , he had to check in there. I have no fear of any cop checking my sleeper , I fly straight and have nothing to hide. I don’t like being hassled as much as anybody else but after 32 years being out here I learned it’s better to cover your ### and fly straight because LEO can and will pull you over at any time and it’s always best to be friendly , run a tight ship and don’t give them anything to chew on. Because chew on your ### they will if you give them a reason to.
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    >Legal mattress
    >Adequate bedding

    So, if I want to sleep in a sleeping bag on the wooden plank under the mattress, that's not my choice, then? WTAF
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    Sep 18, 2019
    Show that link I would like to see it.
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    I think it should be a bet sort of thing. Sure you can search but I got 5 large saying you or your dog won't find a thing. You want in?
    Probably plant something then. Lol. I don't even care. Search away. Search MOFO! Just make it quick. My time is valuable and your wasting it.
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    I would be inclined to not agree be searched.

    But I probably would agree because in my mind I would think that he would just turn around and decide to give me a safety inspection and make up all kinds of stuff to write tickets for.

    It's amazing how difficult it really is to just apply your constitutional rights.
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    The Supreme Court ruled they cannot make you wait any length of time for drug dogs to come on the scene. Once they are done with you they must let you go. If the drug dogs aren't there too bad. It's an unreasonable search to make you wait. Justices Rule That Police Can’t Extend Traffic Stops
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    Mar 13, 2014
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