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    Aug 10, 2017
    It wasn't completed. He only took one Declaration Statement from a former employee who quit because of harassment. He didn't depose anyone. In her statement, she stated that Ruan had no interest in safety. That I was singled out because of my stance on safety. In a safety meeting another driver again questioned why pallets were not stacked properly and constantly fell. The safety man said there was nothing they could do; "Atlas did not work for them." I asked; what about OSHA? The safety man replied; "we are not going to talk about OSHA. Do you have anymore questions Mr Portis." That was the reason Protective Activity was established.
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    Aug 10, 2017
    As you said; the lawyer motioned to dismiss my case without prejudice, or specifically, he quit on me because I turned down the same settlement offer twice. One does not have to be a lawyer to fight against injustice, or to know right from wrong.
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    You clearly said on more than one occasion your attorney dismissed your case, when I questioned it again you said your attorney dismissed your case, and told me I was wrong, now how come all of a sudden I'm correct?
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    @Dportis11 the moral to this story is what? Document everything, do due diligence on an attorney before hiring?
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    Since you rejected their settlement offer, I'm assuming you are not bound by confidentiality. How much did Ruan offer you pre-litigation once they knew you were represented? And how much did they offer you in increasing amounts as the case progressed? This is really useful knowledge for everybody who works there to know. I don't think it is prohibited to disclose that unless you're bound by a settlement agreement which, it seems , you refused. thanks !
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    Dear Dportis 11,
    Don't let the depressed trolls affect you. More are the cowards who cross their arms and do nothing. It's people like you why companies think twice about screwing people over. Don't do it for these ungrateful bozos who replied negatively. Do it for yourself and the tiny handful of people like me who appreciate it. Keep an open mind there are some people on here who are in management for those companies that will attack your post and motive on here. Make it a hobby and dont let it affect you. That's what those bozos are trying to do by dragging the case. Just ignore the bozos who attack your post. Like I ignore them. Common sense should prevail. least in some of us...
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    you got a problem with Bozo? what did he ever do to you?

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