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Discussion in 'Covenant' started by rpad139, Jul 15, 2014.

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    I'm not a team driver and NEVER have been, however, I feel that regardless of HOW you and the truck>>>>THE ONE WITH YOUR COMPANY NAME PLASTERED ON THE SIDE>>>>WHICH "YOU" REPRESENT got in this situation I would've assisted him in getting out of the bad situation asap and as safely as possible....Your company felt you were responsible enough to operate their equipment as a team even if you ended up in a bit of pickle! Deal with it by 1) getting back on track, 1) letting the co-driver know that was a somewhat senseless move and not to do it again.....JM2C but work together and get the job done, get out of that truck or as mentioned above run solo...Good luck in your in-devours
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    After reading everyones comments, I have a different perspective. I will be helping my co driver from now on, even if its not my mistake. Haven't had that problem since that incident. Guess my co driver learned his lesson. Trying to be more patient and understanding. So far this team operation is slowly improving. Everyday we are getting better and learning something new about covenant.
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