What “ok” or “descent” truck company would take me after this?…

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by HardknockDriver, Aug 15, 2022.

  1. roundhouse

    roundhouse Road Train Member

    Jul 11, 2018
    Have you been to court yet ?

    do you have a lawyer for the court date ?
  2. The Crossword Trucker

    The Crossword Trucker Heavy Load Member

    Feb 21, 2015
    Call Navajo, they are a second chance company , see if they have a dedicated lane in your area
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  3. HardknockDriver

    HardknockDriver Bobtail Member

    Aug 15, 2022
    South Carolina coast
    No, haven’t been to court yet and being that everyone is saying im at fault( which i cant say false) i didnt try to get one. The other person did hit the back axle of my trailer. So thats the truck and more than a 42ft trl that already passed before a impact. But like i said i know im at fault for the majority and whole.
  4. supergreatguy

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    Nov 26, 2020
    Dang, Chinatown is truly the man out here
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  5. roundhouse

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    Jul 11, 2018
    The court date should be on the citation your received .

    although in most towns the court date isn’t when the case will be decided , the court date on the ticket is just a preliminary court to waste your entire day to come and plead not guilty , then when you sit all day thinking your case will be heard , you will be given many many opportunities to plead guilty and leave , they make you sit there all day to get your chance to stand up and say “not guilty “ so then you can sit some more and they issue you another court date .
    And you can also have the court dates “reset “
    To delay it some more , and in my state , don’t know about any others , you can request that the case be moved to state court , that way the prosecutor and judge and revenue collection office don’t all work for the same jurisdiction that desperately wants your money.

    in my state even if the officer issuing the ticket is a state trooper, the jurisdiction it was issued in , a city or a county , will hold the court and get the money .

    In my state to can request the case be moved to state court , so the judge and prosecutor work for the state and the state gets the money if you’re convicted. The advantage of moving it to state court is that the officers don’t have as much control over setting the court date and if the officer doesn’t show up in court the judge almost always will dismiss the ticket . And the state court location may be many miles away instead of right down the street , not as convenient for the cop.
    And usually the state court is much less corrupt than the local podunk town courts .

    , a couple of years ago o was involved in an accident when I was making a right turn , where some yahoo tried to pass me on the right as I was turning , and got his car smashed as a result .
    Very smashed , it was not drivable .

    And the cop wrote me the ticket .
    I went to court on the date written on the ticket and thought it was going to be handled then . Nope , that was just to give me many many opportunities throughout the day to plead guilty pay the fine and leave . so I stayed all day and they gave me a new court date about six weeks later.
    I showed up on that date and the other driver did not show up , judge announced the accident date location and time, I walk up front , no one else shows up , he announced it again , no one stood up, and he dismissed the case . Never asked me what happened etc .

    Most people in accidents where the other driver gets the ticket assume the other driver will pay the ticket or be automatically found guilty etc , and usually don’t bother to take a day off work and show up in court . Unless they are injured or your insurance company is balking at paying for the damage .

    if the other person was injured and they have hired a lawyer , which you may not know about until the court date , then you’d better show up in court and have a lawyer or you’re gonna steam rolled right over by the other persons lawyer .

    most traffic courts are overwhelmed with cases and the traffic ticket attorneys use the is to their advantage, that’s how they get tickets reduced and or dismissed .
    The judges and court clerks know that if a case is represented by a traffic ticket attorney and they do not reduce it or dismiss it the traffic attorney will make all kinds of requests ahead of time for the officers training records and the calibration records of the radar etc etc then the attorney will
    Show up and ask lots of detailed questions , about the training , etc , and drag out a speeding ticket case for about two or three hours , at which time the clerk will inform the judge that the lawyer has 13 other clients in their court today and doing this in each of those cases will clog up their schedule for the next week , and the judge will have a closed door meeting with the attorney , and offer to lower each ticket that the lawyer represents to a small fine and no points in exchange for the lawyer not slowing down the court cases.
    Most traffic courts are just done for the revenue and they have to conclude the cases in mere minutes for it to be profitable .
    If a speeding or other minor ticket takes more than 8 to 10 minutes , it can screw up their entire schedule for the day , so they gotta get it over with quick , grab your money and move on to the next money grab.

    In most states if the driver of the other vehicle doesn’t show up for court , the judge will dismiss your citation because there is no one there to argue that it was your fault . And the cop that wrote the ticket didn’t actually see witness the accident so the cop can’t testify ,

    The cops can testify for a speeding ticket because they witnessed you speeding . But in an accident , the cop didn’t witness it and can’t testify .
    Go to court , unless the other person was injured and has hired a personal injury attorney , the odds are that the other driver will not show up and the judge will dismiss the ticket .

    if the other person hires a personal injury lawyer the lawyer will show up in court with the other driver in an attempt to get the judge to convict you of the citation because that helps their injury claim lawsuit tremendously .

    All of this long winded answer to say

    Inform Your employer of the ticket .



    this ticket will be on your record for years .
    So it’s worth the effort and money to get it reduced or eliminated .
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