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What is a dry van truck?
A dry van truck is a type of semi-truck that is pulling a fully enclosed dry van trailer. These enclosed trailers protect shipments from the outside elements and are designed to carry loose freight, pallets and/or boxes. Dry van trailers are not refrigerated and cannot carry any oversized loads. Dry van trucking jobs can be confined within a city or span across the country and even take drivers between countries. The maximum weight for a dry van trailer is approximately 43,000lbs.
Is a box truck a dry van?
A box truck is not a dry van trailer. Box trucks, or more correctly a straight truck, is a type of medium sized truck that is built to carry its cargo on the same chassis as the cab and drive train. Straight trucks are typically used to move smaller goods locally or for expedited “hot shot” trucking. Dry van trucking jobs are used typically for cargo loads that are too big for a straight truck to carry.
What is a dry van driver?
A dry van driver is a truck driver that is responsible for the pickup, transportation and delivery of goods within a dry van trailer. The driver should know how to connect/disconnect the trailer from the cab, some basic automotive maintenance and to conduct a thorough inspection of a load before leaving a pickup making sure the cargo was loaded safely and correctly. This is one of the most commonly used methods for moving freight in the world, so drivers are needed for dry van trucking jobs.
What do dry van truck drivers do?
The job of a dry van truck driver is for the transportation of goods, packages or services. They can be hired to drive across the country long distances, internationally, regionally or between points within a city. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of their shipments, keeping updates on their delivery status, and for the timely delivery of goods.
How much do Truck Drivers make in Nashville, TN?
The average salary of a CDL truck driver in Nashville, TN is $83,236 per year or $1,601 per week. CDL truck drivers can make anywhere from $72,800 to $120,000 depending on where they are driving and how many hours per week they are driving.