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What's the difference between regional and dedicated?
Dedicated trucking jobs have the drivers on repeated or specific routes, where they will interact with one or a few of the same customers over and over. With regional trucking jobs, drivers are assigned to a whole region. These can be a grouping of states or whole sections of the country such as the Southwest or Northeast. Regional trucking jobs will more than likely not have a dedicated route, but the driver will be assigned a new one at each drop-off/pickup and are driving for a set amount of time.
How much do Regional Truck Drivers make?
The average salary of a regional truck driver is $79,548 per year or $1,530 per week. Regional Truck Drivers can make anywhere from $70,000 to $103,350 depending on where they are driving and how many hours per week they are driving.
Which states have the highest demand for Regional Truck Drivers?

The top 10 states that have the highest demand for Regional Truck Drivers are: