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N&M Transfer


Jan 6, 2013

N&M Transfer

Q: Looking about some info about N&M Transfer. Company as a whole or about the Remington, IN terminal. Pay, Hrs, Area, etc

A: Its mileage + stop pay. For my area, they are at the bottom when it comes to pay.

Would like some opinions between doing ltl/truck load or otr


Mar 14, 2016

Would like some opinions between doing ltl/truck load or otr

I've been driving sense 2011 and have done both Otr and local home everyday. I'm currently working for an ltl company doing p&d. A little in info on my job the company pays .39 and by stop which is 8.66 so in order to make a steady paycheck either have the miles or stops. I've worked for them two months and I can't bring home over 500 net. The company is called N&M Transfer. Most times I'm sent home early because they can't find loads to pick up in the afternoon. I have to unload my trailer at times which is appliances using pallet Jack or two wheel hand cart. I'm looking into either gong back otr regional with west side transport which offer out five home two with a 900-1200 pay commit or dorhn transfer 20.00 HR doing day cab ltl/truck load