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G & F Trucking Leasing, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that has been in operation since 1970 and incorporated since 1991.

The business was started by Ronald R . and Florence Gerling and is currently owned and operated by their sons Raymond J. and Ronald J. Gerling. The “twins” joined the family business in 1984 and were instrumental in obtaining ICC Interstate Contract Authority in 1997. The company also has intra-state authority in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.

The company fleet consists of 26 company trucks and 85 company trailers that include five-axles, self-unloaders and Michigan equipment (trains/sleds) in addition to 10 permanently leased owner operators. Together, they currently move approximately 2.5 million pounds of  steel daily.

In 2008 the company moved over 12,000 loads. Commodities hauled include steel, conduit, lumber, refractory materials and electrical components. 2004 saw the addition of a 10,000 square foot heated & humidity controlled transfer/storage area with overhead crane capacity of 60,000 pounds.

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