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Pay at JNJ Express for company drivers starts at .31-.36 cpm for both solo and team drivers.

Owner Operators at JNJ Express receive .88-.93 cpm.

Both owners and drivers receive the following:

  • Layover pay - $100.00
  • Stop Off pay - $25.00 per stop
  • Advances - $50.00 M,W,F - total $150.00 weekly

Company drivers receive the following benefits:

Paid vacation after one year

98% no touch freight - all drivers are asked before dispatched on driver assist loads

No New York

No Slip-Seating: Assigned to own late model tractor

Rider Program - Rider must be at least 18 years of age. Riders need not be member of drivers family.

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  • Overall
  • Home Time
  • Equipment and Maintenance
  • Dispatchers and Managers
Great pay, great equipment, nice office staff
Mainly short runs (under 700) Overnight running Rush/got loads No driver facilities, showers, laundry etc.

Good company for a driver who likes to run southern routes, likes to run mostly nights and doesn’t mind the hot loads! Great pay!!

Currently Employed at Company: Yes

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$1,500 per Week
Company Driver
Trailer Type
53 dry van
Years of CDL Experience
5+ Years
Memphis, Tn
Currently Employed at Company: Yes


Worse company in Memphis TN JNJ EXPRESS

My name is m_____n c______ and i was in the lease purchase program and when i complained about their dispatcher j____, my miles went down a whole lot, and when i took it to the owner, i was called a liar and later suspended for no cause, thus denying me the right to earn a living, after 6 days i was allowed to drive again, but i still had to pay for the days i was forced off, although the suspenion was unjust and i was cleared of any wrong doing, and when i complained about me being forced to pay for the days i was off, i was fired, they called me to the office, and while i was in the office, the mechanic removed the key out of my truck, disable the truck and the owner told me that my services was no longer needed, and told me to get my #### out of the truck and get the hell off their property, now bare in mind, i was still leasing their trucks. At first i wasnt sure if this company was racist, but now i am convince that they are, the owner violated me lease and now i am force to file a breach of contract against this company, i am also going to contact all of their clients and inform them of this as well, i pray that no body will get into the lease program, this is a ripoff, they dont pay you, you are force to haul their loads and if you complain to much, they will fire you. The owners of this company has retaliated against me for filing a complaint with the eeoc and for complaining about my miles, and money, they brought in an attorney to try to intimate me, and now i am going to file a compaint with the board of professional standards against this attorney, they took my lease from me and treated me very poorly, n______ and j___ jr has conspired from the first time that i complained against their racist dispatcher to fire me, i pray that you will not be fooled. This is a bad company, so please stay away. I am useing my name because i am not lying to you. This is criminal and illegal, to all the other lease drivers, please get out while you can, i am also contacting the irs, since this company forces you to drive their frieght, then in fact, you are a company driver, i will notify fedex, ups, aaa cooper and their other customers to let them know about this company. If you are looking for a family type company, jnj is not the company for you. They have one black person in the office and they sent him out to get me off their property, there is many black drivers in this program, yet not one black dispatcher, dont be fooled. Stay away from jnj. Have a bless day and please listen to me, this company is a ripoff and n_____ and jr appears to be rasict as well

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