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Kaplan offers its employees the following benefits:

  • Sign and Drive – No Up-Front Sign-On Costs
  • Net over 76% of Line Haul
  • 100% Fuel Surcharge Paid to Truck
  • Advances Available up to 40% Per Load, which can be limited by Fleet Owners via Comdata Card
  • Weekly or Daily Settlements Available Via Direct Deposit or Comdata Card
  • Online Settlement Statements
  • Transflo Paperwork Scanning Available
  • No Money Down Reitnouer Lease/Purchase Trailer Program
  • Tire Discount/Financing Program
  • Competitive Fuel Discount Program with Smart Phone App to Find Lowest Prices
  • Plate Program
  • Competitive Group Rates Available for Bobtail, Physical Damage, and Occupational Accident Insurance
  • Safety Bonus Program
  • Driver Services Department Dedicated to Resolving Problems For You
  • Physicals and Drug Tests Paid
  • All UCR and IFTA Permits Furnished
  • Permit Services Available Through Home Office
  • All Annual FHWA Inspections Paid
  • All Fuel Tax Filed by Company and Calculated on a Monthly Basis
  • Strong Customer Base
  • Strong Local, Regional, and Over-the-Road Lanes
  • First In — First Out Dispatch; No Forced Dispatch
  • Limited Deadhead
  • Open Door to Management
  • Network of 70+ Terminals to Keep You Loaded

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Has anybody heard of Kaplan Trucking Out of Ohio

well i haul for them they offer trailers on a lease program about 200 bucks a week on a brand new one. 76% of load if they get it for you 83 if you find it and its approved.they are like any other place good and bad. they do have comdata cards now. not like normal though you get a load figure how much fuel you need and cash for what ever and call them they put that on your card. they also have a couple pay options. you can transflow no and that gets paid every thursday on your card or if by your terminal drop your paperwork off and get paid that day or next morning.

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Kaplan Trucking

Worked for them last year, they keep you busy, easy to get along with, but they do not pay that well and always seem to forget about something that they owe you and you do not get 100% of the fuel surcharge.

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