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Lyden Oil Company was founded in 1919 by William, Patrick, Michael and Mae Lyden. Originally, the company was a bulk delivery service featuring our own brand, Lyco. Ninety years later, we remain true to our roots, continuing to deliver high quality bulk lubricants at the best price. Today the company is run by Breen P. Lyden, President and CEO, and Paul A. Lyden, Vice President. Under their leadership, Lyden Oil Company has grown exponentially. The areas we service continue expanding, as does our product line and service capability. We are proud to carry full product lines from many different major brands, as well as our own brand, PROGUARDĀ®. Now, more than ever before, we are able to take care of every aspect of our customer's needs, from finding the right product and equipment to use that product, to creating a delivery schedule so that the tanks are never empty.

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