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In 1942, Harold Dewey Miller, Sr. founded a petroleum hauling company that was to eventually become Miller Transporters, Inc. A visionary, Hal Miller foresaw an increasing demand for tank truck carriers when, during WWII, the federal government prohibited the transportation of petroleum by rail. With one tank truck, he began a program of steady growth by providing safe, professional service on which his customers could always depend.

Now, over seventy-two years later, Miller operates 425 tractors and 1000 trailers, and our number one goal is still to provide that same safe, professional service for our customers. The experience of the past keeps Miller Transporters looking toward the future. Miller Transporters, Inc., is authorized as a common and contract carrier by the U.S. Department of Transportation and by Canadian and individual state regulatory agencies. This broad North American authority allows us to move bulk commodities between points in the U.S., between the U.S. and Canadian provinces, and between the U.S. and Mexico via partner carrier interchange.

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  • Overall
  • Home Time
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Good pay, for the most part a solid company. They don't micromanage. No real issues with dispatch or management. Home whenever I need to be. Plenty of work. No charity loads.
Afraid of branching out west. 65mph speed limit. Wanted to pinch pennies during my 30 day warranty period when I first picked up tractor with faults. No option to purchase pump or Qualcomm, they remove when you leave.

Pretty decent company. The pay is there If you want it and you right out of the right terminal. They do a decent job of keeping up with the trailers most of the time. Fair lease purchase but not eager to stand behind their promises if it costs money. Overall, a good get out of it what you put into it. An O/O could do much worse.

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