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The average salary for drivers at National Retail Systems is $14-16.00 per hour.

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Pay check clears and paid once a week
The biggest thing is the potential that the maintenance shop could be its disappointing and they really dont care .almost as if they dont want it to be a real shop.

Equip and maintenance well trucks were new I know that's was about the only thing going I have seen driver come and go in the last few years ,and from what I know pay is not good for shop or drivers ,and the mechanics well if you have no idea how to work on the equipment then I'm sure they can find a spot for you ,anyway I'm surprised they are still in business I guess you get what you pay for ,cheap k[

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National Retail Transportation (NRT) Keystone Freight, any info on them?

I worked for them (Keystone Freight) on Best Buy Dedicated out of Nichols NY going on 4 years ago. We had 35cpm/$20 per stop/$17 per hour detention starting an hour from when you hit the dock, and 68mph Macks and Freightliners. Ratty looking trucks but mostly mechanically sound. I typically averaged $1100/week there. Loved it...drop and hook or bump docks, 100% no touch. LOTS of NY/Boston metro but that doesn't bother me. I don't know how they are run down in North Bergen...heard rumours that the OTR guys could go 70+ but the dedicated guys got 62. Been seeing a lot of O/O hauling their trailers around lately. 

A LOT depends on your terminal manager...ours was awesome. The guys in Bergen didn't make a favorable impression on me, and their yard control/security there is downright difficult to get along with.

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