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We are an organization that offers superior and personalized service to the United States Postal Service,with safe and efficient associates; utilizing road worthy and well maintained equipment and state of the art information management systems.

We provide for a mutual respect of our associates’ responsibilities in the organization. It is only through each individual associates efforts that we can provide superior service and it is through each individual associates mutual support to each other that the company will prosper. We expect all associates to preserve and build upon our respected reputation for courtesy to United States Postal Service personnel and all of our other business partners, and the general public, prompt delivery of services sought, safe operations and compliance with all governmental regulations involving our industry.

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  • Overall
  • Home Time
  • Equipment and Maintenance
  • Dispatchers and Managers
Free health and dental insurance, home time is really good because you work split shifts.
The higher managers have poor social and communication skills, they do not keep their word. The pay should be more for corporate floaters.

Overall its a decent company. Ive been with them for over six months. I plan on staying with them.

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$45,000 per Year
Company Driver
Trailer Type
Semi and Straight Truck
Years of CDL Experience
6-11 Months
Memphis TN
Currently Employed at Company: Yes