Tennessee Steel Haulers (TSH)

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Tennessee Steel Haulers offer their employees the following benefits:

  • Medical, Dental and Vision insurance
  • Company paid Group Life insurance
  • Company paid Short and Long Term Disability
  • 401k opportunity with employer match
  • PTO (Paid Time Off)
  • Paid holidays
  • Advancement opportunities within our growing company
  • A fun, fast-paced and flexible work environment

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$60,000 per Year
Company Driver
Trailer Type
Years of CDL Experience
1-5 Months


tsh...Tennessee Steel Haulers..LP

Been doing some info digging into TSH over the past few months. Spoken with several of their long time owner op's and a few of the lease purchase guys. They all seem happy, one owner op I spoke with has been with them for 3 years and says he wished he would have come over sooner. He showed his end of year settlement showing he grossed over $234k. Showed a recent settlement where he had already grossed over $100k so far. Past 4 weeks hes been running loads of F150 frames from Elizabethtown Ky to Detroit daily and truck revenue has been at just under $1400 per run. And says he gets home weekly living in tennessee.

The information I have gotten from the company about the lease purchase has been solid. The guy in the office seemed to talk it down some, but the lease purchase guys ive spoke with didnt have anything bad to say. Once of them was very forthcoming with good information. Basically it boils down to if you fail with TSH, its because you screwed up. Seems they give you all the tools and loads at your disposal, but if you cant make money then no one to blame but yourself.

My buddy and I are thinking of giving it a go. They require 1 year otr, with 6 months recent flatbed

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