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The average salary for a driver at Vision Logistics is  $58,523 per year.

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  • Overall
  • Home Time
  • Equipment and Maintenance
  • Dispatchers and Managers
Good pay, friendly, and like job
Bad trucks,maintenance could be better, need bigger yard, and you need patience

Need better communication system, need much better trucks and maintenance program. I like the owners they try to do there best for drivers. The rail yards will test your patience at times. I like getting home every day but 8 hrs a nite don't cut it I'm always tried and hate getting sun and Mon off I want sat and sun off. Over all I will stay till I find a better job..

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Duke Zivic
STAY AWAY FROM >>> United Vision Logistics!!!

United Vision Logistics (Texas office) will book 2-3 trucks on the same load and whomever gets there first gets loaded. Off course they don't tell you that. I deadheaded a team 50 miles only to have the shipper tell me "####, how many trucks did they book for this one run? " I called them back and they give you all this bs and try to avoid me. At the end they didn't even pay a TONU!!! Stay away from UV Logistics / United Vision!!!!

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