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Xpress Cargo,Fast Cargo,Brinar Transport

Xpress Cargo also knows as Fast Cargo,Next Cargo and lastly Brinar Transport, the company has may be 200 trucks based out of Indianapolis owned by Two brothers from India.

they always change company name for poor DOT saftey points due to drivers fatigue, heard one guy hit a whole parked trucks in a rest area in Van horne,TX while he was trying to sleep and couldnt keep his eyes open for couple more minutes.

How much they pay?

Believe it or not .38 cents with 1099 and 0.40 with W2 with the taxes out

What areas they run?how much can you make a week?

They run mostly California and Arizona to Eastern states Ohio,V,a,PA, but mostly they haul for Kroger and other Distributions centers.

Weirdest part of this they pay by rountrip , for example you have to pick a load to California and another one back to east to see a check with usually take you roughly about 14 days(Elogs), if you do the math by weekly you will net your best week 1100.

What i dont like about this Company?

Most shippers and recievers they deal with will hold for so many hours to load and unload and you dont get a cents for sitting there a whole day wasted coz the oppoints wwas 9 am to 0000

Some of employees such as dispatch,planners, pay roll and safety have issues that led alot drivers to quit , they don't have much exprience of trucking bussiness and not have the best interest for drivers, they also have major favortism among drivers.if you are not cool with ur dispatch u will be given loads that take you over a week to unload with many pick ups and drops.

Employees known to be the worest?

Chris dispatach , rudest of all thinks he running the show.

Rukia dispatch I call her the Chainsmoker , she has favoritism issue, she tries to make her favorite driver take your load while you sit.

John Planner/Dispatch another rude guy that simply should be fired for amount stress he causes yelling and argueing while he is sitting in an airconditioned office and drivers busting their ### in hot place.

Christina Saftey ,heard she don't like any one but her kind, rumors said she working hard to gett rid of employees and hire meth headed looking drivers.

These are things I noticed since i have been with them, any other drivers or ex employees input is welcome.

Sorry about some the errors as I wrote this fast and was using a cell phone,


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