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$90-140k/year. Cheap Insurance. Home time. 100% No touch freight/drop and hook.
Freight can be slow 4-6 months out of the year, same as all LTL Carriers.

The equipment is mediocre. You’ll hook up to some trailers that are very nice, and then some where the landing gear is very stiff and will barely move. I am an Extraboard/Linehaul Driver. Home time is 104 days per year. You work 5, off 2. You can volunteer to stay out longer, then take extra days off. I try to stay out 4 weeks, then take one week off. No one has had a problem with me doing this, and I’ve been here 9 months. Extraboard miles never drop below 3,200/wk... unless freight is slow. So when the freight is booming, and you’re at the bottom of the pay scale, you can honestly bring home $1,600-1,800/wk., but when the freight is slow, it’s closer to $1,100-1,400/wk. 100% drop and hook, terminal-to-terminal. No dealing with shippers/receivers. Just get in your truck and drive from A to B with whatever setup they give you. Hooking and breaking a set of doubles isn’t hard, plus you’re paid to do it. The dispatchers can get in a mood and take their frustrations out on you from time to time. Not all of them do this, but one or two or them will. Just depends on who you get when you call. Most of the time, it’s pretty smooth. Your ten hour break is up, so you call dispatch to get lined up on a load. You go into the terminal, do whatever you were told, and start your day. You will run until they tell you to lay down, or until you’re out of drivetime. Pretty simple.

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