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Top notch equipment, trucks are nicely furnished, trailers are in great shape, 60-70% drop & hook, good hometime, safety oriented, plenty of freight, most office people are very nice.
Driver facing cameras, Lane departure warning, lots of east coast, shorter length of haul, most backhauls to NC are live loads.

Good company to work for. I’m home every single weekend and sometimes once a week for a 10. Lots of times it’s a full weekend at home, and not just a 34 or 48. I drive a late model truck with free XM, a fridge, a 1500 watt inverter, and directv. 98% of the trailers are in good shape. Lots of drop & hooks to keep you rolling. Dispatchers are friendly and easy to talk to, and aren’t hidden behind a thick pane of glass. Cons are listed below. They’re not perfect, but they’re far from terrible. They’re a good choice for anyone living in NC.

Currently Employed at Company: Yes