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Good equipment Terminals well kept, clean, and with great staff Miles were consistent at most times Pay was reasonable and pretty decent
Cant really think of any.

I would have to say during my tenure with at the Con-way Truckload, and now CFI, I had a good time. My Fleet Manager was by far the best I've ever had as a company driver during my 4 year stretch as a Driver. Miles would be stacked on most good weeks sometimes too many. I would get burned out in a month if ran 2700-3000 miles per week. I normally took 3 weeks on and 3-4 days off depending. My fleet manager was good about getting me home on time. Never been late to get home at all. I've had a few problems with equipment issues mainly DEF problems that plagued me in the shop multiple times. I cant really blame the company for that though, I've also had bad luck with there trailers. This company is very safety minded I never felt like I was pushed to do something I know that would not be safe for me to do. The pay package was well. Safety bonus every quarter and a Productivity bonus once a year. Overall I believe the company is great starter company and also good for those experienced. Only reason I left was to get my own truck. But if anything I'll always keep this company in mind.

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