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Clean, well maintained equipment usually 5 years old at the most. Company has increased number of terminals in recent years.
Pay is low compared to similar companies. Mileage bonuses don't allow for much time off. Dispatch is disorganized and sloppy.

If you need to start your driving career somewhere, they are not bad in that respect. Their micromanaging will keep a new driver out of trouble, but will drive anyone with experience insane. It is just average compared to most OTR companies. The pay has improved recently but is still low compared to similar companies. It used to be terrible until about 4 years ago. Dispatch is disorganized. They are also vindictive and play favorites. Miles were never called consistent for me and I went above and beyond to make myself available. Equipment is slow and far too underpowered, but is well maintained overall. Bonus program is a gimmick, and merely brings your pay close to every other average larger OTR company. Base pay is extremely low. When you actually do run big miles.and make them and yourself money, they act like taking more than 2 days off after busting it for 2 weeks is some sort of blasphemy. The company is focused on maintaining it's false flag "glamorous image", while treating maybe 20% of drivers with decency and respect, and shafting the rest of the fleet. They try to push the whole "family image", but in the end they are just another trucking outfit, they will use you and lose you as they see fit. It is not the worst place in the world to work, but there are far better choices.

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