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They pay you every week, have to watch your paychecks cause they screw up very often and not pay you for tarping, extra stops, etc.
Little home time, average equipment, sitting at shippers for hours before getting loaded, average pay.

This company is for rookies. If you're regional or on heavy haul prepare to sit hours and sometimes days. You can probably make as much money working full time at Wal-Mart, at least you'll be home every night with your family. Maintenance is a joke. Every time you grab a trailer you have to guess, either lights not going to be working, brakes worn out, recap tires (they run all recaps on their trailers and tractors) will pop, mud flap broken/missing, etc. Home time is a joke for OTR, you have to be out for 3 weeks minimum and then you'll get 3 days home. Dispatchers are a joke, they'll hire anyone to be dispatcher and when I called asking what kind of load I'm picking up, its usually "I don't know" answer or they will say "steel articles" which could be anything, steel coil, railroad tracks, metal bar/tubing, or it could be even some machinery.

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