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Overall after 7 years, very happy with the company even through all the name changes. Pay: under previous ownership we used to quote on our websites what an average new driver and an average experienced driver would make in a year. I have always exceeded those numbers which means I'm getting the miles. Hometime: Hometime is excellent and I live in a difficult area being South Florida. Recently in the last say six months, the company has made a concerted effort to get every driver home on time every time and from what I hear they're doing a good job I have had no troubles. Equipment: I'm not very pleased with the equipment, sometimes unreliable and I believe the company spec policies are just under what is necessary for a true over-the-road truck. They fought for 7 years against APUs but I believe they are what's necessary. I would never change companies just because of the equipment especially if I'm making the money I make. Safety is a top priority with this outfit. You will never have a problem with being late because it was unsafe to drive. If you have to be late until it is safe to drive, they will deal with it and with the customer Bottom line: I have left this company twice both departures lasted less than a month, and the pastures were not greener they were Browner. I came back after both departures without losing any seniority or acrued miles. I started with this company as a newbie right out of driving school and it's still a good company for my purposes.

Currently Employed at Company: Yes