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New equipment, no babysitting, lots of miles available, we are not held at terminals and forced to complete checklists before being allowed to depart. We are treated like adults here.
maintenance does a good job, but they seem disorganized sometimes about what was supposed to get done and the history of what has been done.

I'm a new driver. Within 8 months of working here I was making .50 per mile. Trucks are all blue Peterbilt. A couple trucks are different brand, but those are "experiments". Home time policy is basically go home as often as you want for as long as you want (within reason) and give 10 days notice prior. Very accommodating. New drivers to the industry start out at .36 per mile. Then we have performance pay, which is based on mileage, mpg, being on time, safety, tickets, etc. up to .50 cpm. You are reevaluated every 4 months. Hazmat is required and you get an extra .05 cpm on hazmat loads. In 8 months I've hauled 3 hazmat loads. I'm kept plenty busy. I averaged 3041 miles/week over my first 6 months.

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