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Long haul coast to coast reefer
Rude dispatch poor home time

Must have 6 months to start as a solo. Pay starts at 0.43 cpm. Orientation 3 days starting tuesday pay is 300$ . No sharing hotels , paid breakfast and lunch. You get paid Friday for orientation but you won't get a paycheck for 2 weeks due to the delay pay. You will be required to buy 2 load locks for orientation costing 100$. The 1100 mile average is true, lots of miles . There is mandatory per diem it's not optional. Home time is 1 day for 1 week . 3 weeks out minimum, 5 days home max. Freymiller uses loves exclusively you can fill up at any loves. They do reimburse parking . They do not pay for scale tickets but will reimburse you for the cost. They don't have prepass or paid tolls you must enter all scales, you take a toll road they will charge you. They have mandatory routing , it cost a dollar a mile if you go out of route. They do not do 34 hour resets you have to request one by dispatch you will run recaps. 30% of the loads are relays , not much drop and hook mostly live load/unload with automatic detention at 20 an hour after 2 hours. Dispatch is very rude and pushy but do not bother you if you are on time. Most days you won't hear from a dispatcher if you on time they do leave you alone. Night dispatch will call you to do repowers, don't answer if you don't want the load or they will ding you with a service failure. You can listen to dispatch calling drivers insulting names over the phone in the office. The biggest thing about the company is the long hauls 1700+ mile runs.

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