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Competitive pay and constant work. Decent health insurance if you’re a healthy individual if you need a low deductible PPO they don’t offer one don’t work here.
They like to run understaffed. Your terminal manager makes or breaks the job. They started forcing weekend Linehaul on guys not working 60-70 hours by Friday. Some locations do not have dock workers so you have to come in at 5am work the dock and then do your route. They do not pay time and a half. Recently bought out my swift and the stock purchase plan isn’t much of a benefit computershare is expensive to use. Oh, and you do residential deliveries in a 48fter where a straight truck should be u

Overall, not a bad place. They pay well; currently as a city driver I make 29.55hr straight time. It has its annoyances like any place. They deduct 30mins from your clock at 6 hours, and sometimes get mad when you take a lunch break at the 6 hour mark - than don’t deduct my pay at the 6 hour mark…

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