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Newer equipment, can make your own call to shutdown for weather, they do maintain their equipment.
Few terminals, poor management, few runs outside of the midwest and CA, actual earnings are about half of what's advertised.

They a lot of trucks and high turnover so low hiring standards. Available co-drivers are often homeless, convicts or worse. If things don't work out you'll drive solo for 21 cpm for at least a week until you get a new co-driver. They have NO CLUE where their trailers are. You'll spend hours going from lot to lot looking for empties that aren't there for zero pay. Sometimes you''ll spend entire 11-hour shifts driving from state to state doing this. Forget home time unless you live near one of their FOUR terminals (Cedar Rapids, IA; Riverside, CA; OKC, OK or Carlisle, PA). If you live in the NW or SE getting home is like pulling teeth.

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