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Benefits, Equipment, Culture, Management, Family Owned, Always Growing, Ability to Advance, Stability, Pay. I work the 4 days on with 4 days off and that is a HUGE PLUS. I have plenty of time for family/ school.
Breaking down freight is brutal at most of their customers but they have positions that are ‘No-Touch,’ It seems to be tough to get that job though. You have all the physical and mental stress as a lumper, and then add driving a tractor trailer along with it... Dealing with customers can be difficult and aggravating. Every single day seems to be 14 hours of work and the dispatchers are relentless. Daily phone calls on off days practically begging to come in... A lot of the trucks are disgusting

I feel I made a good choice to have Dot Foods as my first company. Breaking down freight can be brutal at times but you are paid generously for it. The health insurance, pay, and other benefits are good for the work we do. Dot Foods is continuously growing. It takes time to become proficient at Dot Foods, but the training/trainers are probably some of the best. No company is all Unicorns and Rainbows but Dot Foods truly does try hard and comes close. If they were able to make No-Touch Positions more available I feel this could be a lifelong company.

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