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I have never been treated with as much respect as a driver as I have been treated with here.
There have been a few instances where dispatch should have communicated more effectively, & planned a little bit more efficiently.

100% Liquid Bulk Tank Carrier with terminals in Toledo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, & Chicago. Great maintained equipment. They don’t keep any tractors much beyond 3 years before replacing them. Home time can be anything from daily, weekly, or bi-weekly it’s pretty much up to you. The pay is percentage once you’re on your own. 24% on standard loads and 26% on any Saturday or Sunday deliveries as well as Canadian loads of you want to run them. You also get paid to come back from Canada since there is no opportunity for backhauls from Canada. This is the most professional company I have driven for in my almost 8 year career.

Currently Employed at Company: Yes